Expert Insights on Managing Fear

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Fear can paralyze people. Fear of failure, change, and even success are all real challenges that people face. The good news is, you don't have to let fear rule your life. You can take control of your situation.


  • Acquire insights on how to break your unconscious focus on fear.
    Acquire insights on how to get comfortable with fear.
    Acquire insights on how feeling fearful about something means that it matters.
    Acquire insights on the four important steps to get past your fears.
    Acquire insights on different ways to manage fear in yourself and others.
  • Acquire insights on how to perform consistently by distinguishing your fear from anxiety.
    Acquire insights on how to overcome the three types of fears: fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of change.
    Acquire insights on how to overcome the fear of perfect by making the right decisions at the right time for maximum impact.
    Acquire insights on how to overcome your fears by determining your relation to your fears.
    Acquire insights on the importance of being curious to get positive outcomes.


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    1.  Breaking Our Unconscious Focus on Fear
    2m 58s
    We learn to be fearful from our parents and later from unpleasant encounters. We tend to believe we’re not worthy. When we’re fearful the brain releases cortisol; the stress hormone. When we’re curious the brain releases serotonin; which allows us to be creative. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Be Comfortable with Fear
    5m 14s
    When she starts getting scared; she asks; “Am I alive? Is my family okay? Yes!” Then it’s not so scary. Richard Branson’s book taught her to not let fear run her business. Ask; “Will I regret this decision when I’m 90 years old?” Do something every day that scares you. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Fear Means That It Matters
    1m 16s
    Whenever Whitney Johnson feels fearful about doing something new; she knows she cares. We’re happiest when we’re unstuck—when we’re in the messiness—when we’re doing something that matters for ourselves; our family; and our community. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Four Steps to Get Past Your Fears
    3m 43s
    First; embrace the fear; don’t be afraid of it. Second; “dis-identify” with the fear; the fear is not you. Third; identify and come to peace with the worst-case scenario. For skiers; for example; it’s death. Fourth; run a reality check; ask how likely that scenario is to happen. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Managing Fear in Yourself and Others
    4m 39s
    Fear triggers cortisol; which works for 26 hours. Interrupt the pattern. Reframe the moment. Label it. Ask what the fright means for you. Refocus. Redirect. If you see others frightened; be present for them. Explain what’s going on and what it means for them. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Consistency is More Important Than Perfection
    2m 33s
    You win a point in tennis if you hit the ball over the net one more time than your opponent. To perform consistently you must distinguish fear from anxiety. Fear is based in reality; anxiety is imagining a negative event. Anxiety disables us and holds us back; not fear. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Advice From a 95-Year-Old Man
    2m 55s
    Most people have three fears: fear of failure; fear of success; and fear of change. Keith Abraham shows what it takes to overcomes these fears and; surprisingly; it’s not all that difficult. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Fear of the Perfect
    2m 47s
    The fear of perfection can be a mighty foe. Colleen Albiston describes the effects of taking too long to craft the perfect message about decisions that have been made. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Seventy Percent of Our Thoughts Focus on Fears
    3m 12s
    To determine your relation to your fears; name your fears on the perimeter of a wheel. The distance from the center shows where you are relative to each fear. This exercise helped a manager understand his relation to managers vs. peers. Then write “I want” statements. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Be Curious
    2m 29s
    Seventy percent of our thoughts focus on fear. This creates neural networks that contain “rust.” To leave a small town; there are only a few roads; but a major city has many. To create a dense neural network; be curious. Try new things. Focus on the positive. FREE ACCESS


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