Expert Insights on Managing Stress

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Stress-you can't live with it, but you can't live without it. Find out what stress is, why you need it, and what happens when your mind and body succumb to it. By managing stress, you can take back control, adding joy to all that you do.


  • Acquire insights on managing stress related to work-life balance.
    Acquire insights on how stress can help in motivation, but can also lead to depression and other health ailments.
    Acquire insights on the different signs of stress.
    Acquire insights on how you can control stress if you prepare for it ahead of time.
    Acquire insights on how one can turn stress into positive pressure.
    Acquire insights on how to manage positive and negative stress in an effective manner.
    Acquire insights on different ways to handle unexpected stress.
    Acquire insights on the good and the dark side of anxiety to make the most of both.
    Acquire insights on the importance of thinking before reacting to a situation.
    Acquire insights on the various benefits of stress. Acquire insights on the four types of stressful events.
    Acquire insights on how stress in small amounts can be beneficial and help to build skills over time.
    Acquire insights on how you can manage stress before an important event by preparing yourself well.
    Acquire insights on how to manage your stress using the SOS method.
    Acquire insights on how to turn negative stress into positive pressure by exercising control.
    Acquire insights on how to ensure a good night’s sleep when you are stressed.
  • Acquire insights on how to stop mental exhaustion at an early stage before it spirals out of control.
    Acquire insights on how to overcome the feeling of being overworked and overwhelmed using three simple tips.
    Acquire insights on the importance of embracing whatever that comes along in a joyful manner.
    Acquire insights on how leaders can reduce the level of stress in the office, including their own stress levels.
    Acquire insights on how to tame your anxiety.
    Acquire insights on how to fee less nervous.
    Acquire insights on how to feel comfortable at social events.
    Acquire insights on how to fight imposter syndrome.
    Acquire insights on ways to lessen anxiety.
    Acquire insights on way to gain confidence.
    Acquire insights on how small blunders can increase your likeability.
    Acquire insights on understanding that certain safety behaviors to calm stress may actually be counterproductive.
    Acquire insights on how to reduce anxiety by breathing.
    Acquire insights on managing anxiety at work.
    Acquire insights on learning to weild the power of purpose with discretion.


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    1.  What is Stress?
    4m 31s
    Positive stressors include exercise and a promotion. Even negative situations such as fear of failure can drive productivity. Stress and productivity increase together up to a point; further stress lowers productivity. Disengage at that point to recharge your batteries. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Stress: The Good; the Bad; and the Ugly
    1m 59s
    Stress can motivate and energize us; but it can also produce depression; Crohn’s disease; gastrointestinal problems; heart attacks; and strokes; 80-90 percent of all illnesses have a basis in stress. Stress can also worsen the symptoms of people who are already sick. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Signs of Stress
    1m 12s
    Early signs of stress include tightness in the neck and shoulders; and difficulty breathing. Later signs include sleeplessness and upset stomach. If stress progresses further it can lead to various illnesses. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  How to Control Stress
    3m 35s
    You can attenuate stress if you prepare for it ahead of time. When stress does hit; pay attention to your reaction. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Turn Stress Into Positive Pressure
    3m 24s
    When Shawn’s mother was diagnosed with cancer; she turned negative stress into positive pressure by exercising control. She built a support network that included physical; nutritional; and pastoral therapy; artists; musicians; and laughter. Action brings clarity. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Managing Positive and Negative Stress
    2m 36s
    Max McKeown describes a stress clock; with negative stress on one side and positive stress on the other. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Handling Unexpected Stress
    2m 14s
    Stress snowballs. If you start to feel stress; act quickly. Deep breathing convinces your body it’s not being stressed. Drinking cool water hydrates you and allows the blood to flow; so you can think more clearly. Standing and stretching helps get rid of tension. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Think Before Reacting
    3m 15s
    Reacting badly to a situation does not solve the problem—it makes you the problem. Always take the time to stop; breathe; and think before responding. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Types of Stressful Events
    2m 44s
    The four categories of stress are 1) things that are anticipated; such as marriage; 2) cumulative things; such as conflicts between co-workers; 3) unexpected things; such as an accident; and 4) personality; which colors the way we deal with the other three areas. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  The Benefits of Stress
    1m 11s
    We need stress. Stress motivates and energizes us; and helps us be better at problem solving. Our muscles are stronger. Athletes want a certain amount of stress. Without stress there is no motivation to change and progress. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  The Value of a Little Stress
    2m 15s
    Small doses of nuclear radiation result in stronger immune systems; stress in small amounts is beneficial. Similarly; provide learning situations that present small challenges to build skills over time. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Prepare Like an Athlete
    2m 20s
    The preparation puts the athlete in the right states of mind and body. You can use the same techniques to prepare for meetings and sales calls. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Handle Stress with SOS
    2m 43s
    The first S is Situation. How can you eliminate or reduce the things that are causing stress? The O asks if you are sleeping; eating; exercising well; and taking a break from stress; all in a healthy rhythm. The last S is Support. Who can you talk to? FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Embrace Whatever Comes Along
    3m 3s
    We feel stress when the universe doesn’t behave the way we want. Accept whatever happens to you. Embrace it joyfully. That doesn’t mean you don’t do anything; only that you accept that you don’t have control. Actions are within your control; but outcomes are not. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Stress and Sleep
    3m 39s
    Establish a bedtime routine. Go to bed at the same time. Keep the room dark; even the light from the alarm clock can be disturbing. Know that waking up every 90 minutes is normal. Medications don’t provide the right kind of sleep. Sleep clinics can offer suggestions. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Anxiety Is a Frienemy
    3m 9s
    Like a frienemy, anxiety has a good side and a dark side; and we need to understand how to make the most of both. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Stop Mental Exhaustion in Its Tracks
    2m 1s
    Ignoring the signs that you’re suffering from mental exhaustion can do serious damage to your job and your health, but you can stop it before you spiral out of control. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  Three Tips to Stop Feeling So Overworked and Overwhelmed
    3m 49s
    Being overworked and constantly stressed out doesn’t have to be your fate. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  Reduce Stress in Your Office
    2m 38s
    By introducing a few subtle practices that reduce stress for others, leaders are able to lessen the overall level of stress in the office, including their own stress level. FREE ACCESS
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    20.  Tame Your Anxiety
    2m 22s
    Fixating on yourself can make anxiety turn into a monster but focusing on others has a calming effect. FREE ACCESS
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    21.  How to Feel Less Nervous
    1m 53s
    Putting your own special twist on a presentation can actually make you less nervous. FREE ACCESS
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    22.  How to Feel Comfortable at Social Events
    2m 21s
    Unstructured social events are a main driver of anxiety, so introducing structure can lessen that nervousness. FREE ACCESS
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    23.  Fight Imposter Syndrome
    1m 53s
    Do you ever feel like an imposter? That's just anxiety talking, not the truth. FREE ACCESS
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    24.  Three Questions to Lessen Anxiety
    3m 2s
    Define your anxiety and you lessen its power over you. FREE ACCESS
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    25.  Ways to Gain Confidence
    2m 16s
    The learning curve at a new job can be intimidating, but confidence will come with practice. FREE ACCESS
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    26.  Small Blunders Increase Your Likeability
    2m 27s
    Little mistakes can actually make you more likeable as a person. FREE ACCESS
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    27.  Safety Behaviors
    2m 31s
    The very safety behaviors that people use to calm stress may actually be counterproductive. FREE ACCESS
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    28.  Reduce Anxiety by Breathing
    2m 3s
    Feeling stressed? Skip the deep breath and try to blow a bubble instead. FREE ACCESS
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    29.  Managing Anxiety at Work
    3m 57s
    Anxiety can be managed at work with a few crucial tips. FREE ACCESS
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    30.  The Power of Purpose With Discretion
    3m 21s
    In order to thrive in high-pressure situations, you actually need to learn to wield the power of purpose with discretion. Find out why it's important to disconnect from importance during peak pressure moments. FREE ACCESS


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