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When you're a good manager, you don't need to fear performance reviews. Having a good team starts with adequately preparing employees to reach their full potential, and has the result of a high-performing team that gets great reviews.


  • acquire insights on the importance of assessing the value of your employees for successful outcomes.
    Acquire insights on how having a clear purpose can drive your performance effectively.
    Acquire insights on how to identify fixed and growth mindsets to measure an individual’s performance.
    Acquire insights on how your mindset can influence your performance.
    Acquire insights on how to identify strengths in yourself and others.
    Acquire insights on how to build your employees strengths into towering strengths.
    Acquire insights on the four reasons why people don’t do what they are asked to do.
  • Acquire insights on how performance goals are different from learning goals
    Acquire insights on the type of performance reviews that help employees feel good and motivated.
    Acquire insights on the three areas of focus for managing performance.
    Acquire insights on the different factors that matter the most to make a project work.
    Acquire insights on managing performance and making it work for your organization.
    Acquire insights on the importance of assessing leaders by taking the pulse of your organization.


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    1.  Assessing the Value of Your Employees
    3m 1s
    Employee value equals current performance plus future potential minus emotional expensiveness. Weigh emotional expensiveness three times. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Purpose Should Drive Performance
    2m 35s
    Does purpose drive your performance; or the reverse? A client who was successful by any objective measure lacked a sense of purpose. Once his own purpose became clear; both his own performance and the performance of his organization improved. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  How to Identify Fixed and Growth Mindsets
    1m 4s
    Does the person talk about who’s smart? Who’s passionate? Does he or she worry about mistakes? Is the person defensive about suggestions for improvement; or eager to improve? Answers indicate whether he or she has a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Mindsets Matter
    5m 57s
    Performance equals potential minus interfering mindsets. Scientists said a 4-minute mile was impossible; but when Roger Bannister did it 17 others followed within 18 months. Scott Keller gives examples of mindsets in the workplace that interfere with performance. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Identifying Strengths in Yourself and Others
    4m 7s
    What activities drew you as a child; as a young adult; and last year? What patterns do you see? Ask your team what they see when you are at your best. See the strengths of team members and work to deepen them. Ask what’s right before asking what’s wrong. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Build Towering Strengths
    3m 40s
    They review people against 18 leadership “soft skills.” When people go off track it’s almost always these soft skills — micromanagers; solo players; and the like. When giving feedback; emphasize the person’s strengths. Help them build strengths into towering strengths. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Four Reasons People Don't Do Things
    3m 8s
    When someone doesn’t do what you ask him or her to do; ask why. If they really can’t do it; move or fire them. If they think they can’t; coach or train them. If they don’t want to; tell them they can. If they don’t know how to do it; coach or train them. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Performance Goals Are Not Learning Goals
    4m 13s
    Learning goals are different from performance goals. With learning goals; the focus is on potential and results in hard work and perseverance. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Performance Reviews That Feel Good
    3m 4s
    Research has demonstrated that employees are more motivated to improve their performance if they are compared with their past own performance instead of with other employees. Both the reviewer and the employee feel good about these reviews. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Managing Performance: Three Areas of Focus
    2m 36s
    Jason Jeffay details three areas of focus for managing performance. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  What Matters Most to Make Projects Work
    2m 15s
    Conduct periodic “health checks” that score projects for 1) review processes that keep things on track; 2) planning; coordination; and risk assessment; 3) stakeholder engagement to ensure the desired outcomes; and 4) the leader’s skills and style. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Managing Performance, and Making it Work for Your Organization
    2m 45s
    Managing performance is hard. Supervisors don’t like giving performance reviews, and subordinates don’t like receiving them. It’s a common problem. But by providing performance feedback on an ongoing basis, you can take the pain out of performance reviews, and dramatically improve communication within your organization. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Assessing Leaders: Taking the Pulse of Your Organization
    3m 5s
    When it comes to assessing the performance of your team leaders, what you really need to know is how well they’re managing employees. If sales is your metric, this is pretty straightforward. If sales figures are good, performance is good. But sometimes you’ll need to reach out to employees and conduct short pulse surveys to figure out if your managers are performing as they should. FREE ACCESS


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