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People can be quitters, campers, or climbers, depending on their mindset. But even a fixed mindset can be changed to one of growth, development, and learning with the right encouragement. Find out how to get to the top of your game.


  • Acquire insights on how your mindset in the workplace can affect your performance.
    Acquire insights on the importance of knowing both the mindsets and the methods to make the most of opportunities.
    Acquire insights on how companies should foster growth mindsets for successful results.
    Acquire insights on the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.
    Acquire insights on the difference between the characteristics of people who have fixed mindsets and those who have growth mindsets.
    Acquire insights on how to differentiate between people who have a fixed mindset from those who have a growth mindset.
    Acquire insights on the different ways to change a fixed mindset to a growth mindset that improves learning.
    Acquire insights on how companies can develop a growth mindset by rewarding effort, and valuing risk-taking and teamwork.
    Acquire insights on different ways to shift a mindset.
    Acquire insights on how the sumo growth mindset can help in the growth of your business.
  • Acquire insights on how people who are climbers have a no-barriers mindset.
    Acquire insights on the different qualities of leaders who have a growth mindset.
    Acquire insights on how to control your thoughts and stop overthinking.
    Acquire insights on how to increase your happiness and stay optimistic.
    Acquire insights on the three techniques to deal with things that are beyond your control.
    Acquire insights on the importance of purpose and mindset in the workplace.
    Acquire insights on the three elements of the founder’s mentality: purpose, a front-line obsession, and an owner’s mindset.
    Acquire insights on how to measure the internal health of a business.
    Acquire insights on the impact of the loss of the owner's mindset.
    Acquire insights on how to deal with energy vampires and ways to renew the founder's mentality.


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    1.  Mindsets Matter
    5m 57s
    Performance equals potential minus interfering mindsets. Scientists said a 4-minute mile was impossible; but when Roger Bannister did it 17 others followed within 18 months. Scott Keller gives examples of mindsets in the workplace that interfere with performance. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Mindsets and Methods
    4m 50s
    To make the most of opportunities we need to know both how to think and what to do—mindsets and methods. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  How Mindsets Are Fostered
    2m 56s
    Companies with a fixed mindset foster a culture where employees fear failure. Companies that nurture employees promote growth mindsets. Praising results backfires; that encourages a fixed mindset. Praise the effort; instead. That encourages a growth mindset. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Fixed versus Growth Mindsets
    3m 52s
    A fixed mindset assumes we are born with our abilities. A growth mindset treats failure as a learning experience. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  The Difference Between Fixed and Growth Mindsets
    1m 49s
    People with fixed mindsets believe their intelligence and abilities can’t be changed; their talent is fixed at birth. People with growth mindsets think they can learn from failures and become better. “Fail early and often to succeed sooner” is a growth mindset. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  How to Identify Fixed and Growth Mindsets
    1m 4s
    Does the person talk about who’s smart? Who’s passionate? Does he or she worry about mistakes? Is the person defensive about suggestions for improvement; or eager to improve? Answers indicate whether he or she has a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  How to Change a Fixed Mindset
    2m 54s
    Tell them their brain forms new connections when they move out of their comfort zone; and that a growth mindset improves learning. Encourage them to talk back to their fixed mindset voice. Remind them that people they admire had setbacks before they succeeded. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  How to Develop a Growth Mindset
    3m 15s
    Some companies teach a growth mindset in classes. You can think of how you became good at something; or how people you know succeeded. The company can recognize and praise process; reward effort more than results; and value risk-taking and teamwork. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Shifting a Mindset: Example #1
    1m 54s
    Joanna Barsh gives the example of a meeting that is going nowhere. You can intervene; but what to do? One mindset is; I’m the leader; I will decide. Another is to ask each person what they think the group should do and why. You can ratify their view or decide yourself. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  The Sumo Growth Mindset
    2m 56s
    If you are the sumo—the big company in your space—entrepreneurs can be great assets. They are risk-takers; true believers; and passionate. The sumo growth mindset leverages their passion and resources to grow your business. Bernie Brenner gives an example. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  A No-Barriers Mindset
    4m 38s
    People are quitters; campers; or climbers. We know who the quitters are. Campers stop when they hit an obstacle. Climbers have a no-barriers mindset. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Characteristics of Growth-Mindset Leaders
    2m 11s
    Growth mindset leaders love learning. They don’t pretend they know everything. They are committed to helping their people develop. They want to deal with reality; good or bad; because that’s how you learn. They think about long-term growth; not short-term results. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Stop Overthinking
    3m 30s
    People have as many as 70,000 thoughts per day, many of them negative. Gisele Shelley shares a simple but life-changing model for taking control of your thoughts. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  How to Increase Your Happiness
    2m 32s
    You will increase your happiness and optimism if; every day; you write down or say three things you’re grateful for. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Dealing with Uncertainty
    3m 5s
    Uncertainty can put anyone on edge. Eddie Obeng shares three techniques for dealing with all the things you can’t control. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  The Importance of Purpose and Mindset in the Workplace
    6m 21s
    Rather than being something that's nice to have, purpose - defined as a far-reaching and steady goal, something personally meaningful and self-transcending - is core to leadership. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  The Founder's Mentality
    3m 57s
    When trying to understand why an organization's growth plans are consistently failing or falling short, it is a good idea to take a look at the organization's inner health. This can be measured by three elements of the founder’s mentality: its purpose, a front-line obsession, and an owner’s mindset. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  How to Measure the Internal Health of a Business
    3m 33s
    There are three internal characteristics of companies that affect the odds of growth success by 15 to 20 times. They are business insurgency, a front-line obsession, and an owner’s mindset. Collectively, these are called the “founder’s mentality” because companies run by the most successful founders have these characteristics in abundance. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  The Impact of the Loss of the Owner's Mindset
    2m 52s
    The majority of breakdowns of companies in the marketplace today are traceable to preexisting internal problems. An issue most strongly associated with company failure is the loss of the owner's mindset. When an organization loses its owner's mindset, it loses the willingness to take responsibility, obsession with speed to act, and distaste for the distortions of bureaucracy. FREE ACCESS
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    20.  How to Deal with Energy Vampires and Renew the Founder's Mentality
    4m 41s
    Energy vampires slow things down, make problems too complicated to solve, raise questions rather than experiment, blame others instead of taking responsibility, and kill ideas and dampen down risk. Organizations can take power back from the energy vampires and renew the founder's mentality by ensuring that the corporate purpose is distinct and inspiring, empower the people on the front-line, and push down responsibility to foster an owner’s mindset. FREE ACCESS


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