Expert Insights on Recruiting and Hiring

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What are people looking for in your organization? What are you looking for in the people you hire? Passion, diversity, EQ, potential, skills, values-and more. Make sure you have the right strategies to attract and hire the right talent.


  • Acquire insights on a highly successful strategy for recruiting and retaining talent in the workplace.
    Acquire insights on why hiring is a highly important role.
    Acquire insights on how outside experience can benefit the workplace.
    Acquire insights on how to attract talent by having great leaders.
    Acquire insights on the problems encountered when hiring candidates who are a culture fit.
    Acquire insights on how to effectively match people to job requirements.
    Acquire insights on the importance of hiring and why an organization should hire for ninjas, jedi’s and pirates.
    Acquire insights on hiring intelligent managers who fit the company culture.
    Acquire insights on hiring the candidate with greater passion and engagement with the industry.
    Acquire insights on hiring people with complementary skills.
  • Acquire insights on the importance of hiring collaboratively.
    Acquire insights on influencing other people by finding out their values.
    Acquire insights on hiring people who have the same values and beliefs as the company.
    Acquire insights on how to hire candidates based on their emotional intelligence.
    Acquire insights on hiring candidates based on their potential.
    Acquire insights on biases that go unnoticed in an interview and how they can influence a hiring decision.
    Acquire insights on what constitutes passion and its importance in the workplace.
    Acquire insights on why career cycles of twentieth century corporate pyramids are obsolete for both men and women in today's world.
    Acquire insights on understanding that integrity should be the most important value you vet when hiring.
    Acquire insights on understanding and asking the right interview questions.


  • 3m 12s
    Most organizations find it a challenge to attract and retain high-caliber talent. In this lesson; Campbell Jones shares Manheim’s highly successful strategy for recruitment and retainment. FREE ACCESS
  • 2m 19s
    Hiring people is; of course; a highly important role--one that impacts many lives and the health of the company. Robert Mosher describes his own hiring experience and how it affected how he goes about the process of hiring people now. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Advice to Hiring Managers
    Hiring managers need to understand that outside experience benefits the workplace. For example; when companies innovate they use the same talent and processes and expect a different result. Why not bring in people with different experiences and career patterns? FREE ACCESS
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    4.  How to Attract Talent
    1m 50s
    Incentives for attracting new people vary widely — early out Fridays; special benefits; development opportunities; compensation opportunities; etc. These change; but what never changes is; great leaders attract and retain great people. Develop your leaders. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Problems with Hiring for 'Culture Fit'
    2m 30s
    It’s common for people to surround themselves with similar people. This leads to the same strengths; but also the same weaknesses. You don’t have people who will challenge group thinking. Hire diverse people who also have sufficient EQ skills to present their views. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Matching People to Job Requirements
    3m 44s
    They use four-hour interviews to match people with specific job goals in an objective manner. For example; they were told to get a technical expert to lead a division; but an assessment revealed that the technical expert lacked the leadership skills already in place. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Hire Ninjas, Jedi's, & Pirates
    2m 35s
    Hiring is the core organizational process; not search or innovation. Facebook; for example; hires Ninjas to write great code; but also Jedis to look for and solve real problems; not just ones the boss identifies; and Pirates; who are entrepreneurial and willing to rock the boat. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Hire Managers for Intelligence and Fit
    2m 48s
    Hire bright people who fit your company culture. Look for them in business schools; because business schools accept only bright people. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Hire for Passion and Engagement
    2m 22s
    If you have two candidates who are equal in work and college experience; communication skills; and the like; hire the one how has the greater passion for; and engagement with; the industry. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Hire and Collaborate into Your Weak Spots
    4m 46s
    Avoid the temptation to hire people like you. Hire for similar values but complementary skills. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Hire Collaboratively
    3m 20s
    Ask six or eight colleagues to rank candidates on vision; leadership; skill set; business acumen; cultural fit; and other criteria. Tell interviewers to probe; observe body language; ask unexpected questions; and put candidates in unexpected situations. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Ask What The Other Person Values
    1m 34s
    To sell; recruit; or otherwise influence another person; first determine what they value. Then deliver on that value. In recruiting; for example; it’s not just the money and the time and the resources. It’s all that plus a reason why the person you’re recruiting should join. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Hire for Values and Beliefs
    2m 21s
    Hire people who believe what you believe. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Emotional Intelligence Makes the Difference in Candidates
    2m 16s
    When sorting out the best candidate for a position; it often comes down to emotional intelligence; says Rob James. Here; he describes how he ascertains whether a candidate has a strong emotional intelligence. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Hire for Potential
    2m 54s
    Jason Jeffay explains why you should hire for potential; not just the current job opening. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Best Practices for Interviews
    2m 44s
    There are numerous unnoticed biases that can influence a hiring decision, both in the resume and the interview. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Passion!
    2m 59s
    The soft stuff is the numbers and the plan. The hard stuff is passion; energy; values; character; and enthusiasm. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  Talent Management & Career Cycles
    3m 10s
    Twentieth-century corporate pyramids were characterized by simple career cycles: join a company; move up; and retire. That model is obsolete today for both men and women. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  Hire for Integrity
    1m 29s
    Integrity should be the most important value you vet when hiring. FREE ACCESS
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    20.  Understanding, and Asking, the Right Interview Questions
    2m 46s
    To ensure you’re hiring the right people, you need to ask the right questions during an interview. What’s more, you need to understand why you’re asking those questions. When you understand the questions, you can accurately interpret the answers and select for success. FREE ACCESS


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