Expert Insights on Reinventing Yourself with Jes Averhart

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In this Expert Insight course, reinvention expert Jes Averhart shares her experience guiding others through their own unique and powerful journeys of reinvention, and provides concrete methods and advice for facing the challenging task of reinventing yourself in the workplace. She explains how by beginning your journey asking the right questions, examining yourself honestly, cultivating effective behaviors and mindsets, and using proven approaches to facing personal change, anyone can reinvent themselves to be better or different - and get back on track with what they value most.


  • recognize how personal reinvention can help you approach work and life with renewed enthusiasm
    identify four key questions that can help you begin your reinvention journey
    recognize how you can immediately improve your Say:Do ratio
    identify four ways to overcome roadblocks to growth
    recognize how to identify your superpowers through mapping assets
  • identify ways to determine your core values to better inform your decisions and actions
    identify four ways to counteract chronic feelings of being a fraud and feel confident of your ability to contribute
    recognize ways to approach the personal and professional leaps required for personal reinvention
    identify three key areas to focus on to rebrand the new version of you


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    1.  Jes Averhart Intro
    1m 40s
    Personal reinvention – to be better or different tomorrow – isn’t easy. It’s uncommon to change yourself in big ways, and being uncommon isn’t always comfortable. In this video, Jes Averhart explains the importance of following your dreams, and how anyone can use personal reinvention to help approach their lives and their work with refreshed enthusiasm. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Let Your Reinvention Journey Begin
    3m 32s
    The world changes faster every day, and staying relevant in the workplace requires constantly reinventing yourself. In this video, Jes Averhart explains how she has helped executives, managers and other professionals reinvent themselves starting with four simple questions. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  What’s Your Say:Do Ratio?
    3m 40s
    What do successful leaders have in common? Many of them say it’s a commitment to following through. Respected leaders all have a high Say:Do Ratio – the ratio of what they say they’ll accomplish to what they actually do. In this video, Jes Averhart provides tips for immediately increasing your SAY:DO ratio to create trust and credibility and inspire others to want to collaborate with you. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Ready to Crush Your Goals?
    3m 5s
    It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day work and lose sight of your dreams and goals. After a while they may seem out of reach. But there’s no better time than the present to take stock, dust off those goals and aspirations and begin moving toward what matters most – to you. In this video, Jes Averhart explains four ways great leaders get past the biggest roadblocks to growth, overcoming challenges and fears to pursue the most important goals. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Name Your Superpowers
    2m 56s
    Do you see yourself as special? Can you identify what makes you – you? Each of us is many things – a mixture of roles, values, influences, responsibilities, competencies and more. In this video, Jes Averhart explains how to identify your superpowers by mapping out your unique assets, examining how you show them to the world and the personal areas you can apply them to. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Your Core Values – Finding Your North Star
    3m 19s
    Even as you renew and reinvent yourself for the workplace, your core values remain constant – and are your guiding light. They are both essential to your well-being and for finding your life’s purpose. In this video, Jes Averhart explains the importance of your core values and offers a method for determining them to better inform your decisions and actions along your reinvention journey. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Impostor Syndrome – A Love Hate Relationship
    4m 20s
    Impostor syndrome refers to chronic feelings of being a fraud that can hold you back from pursuing your dreams – like never feeling qualified enough, feeling shame and self-doubt at even small errors, or having to overachieve and overtrain just to try to feel adequate. In this video, Jes Averhart shares four powerful tips to help counteract these feelings and enter every situation feeling confident in your ability to contribute. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Ready to Jump? Discovering Your Comfort Cliff
    3m 13s
    The dividing line between who you are now and who you are going to become is a cliff. Or rather there are many different cliffs; many personal and professional leaps required for personal reinvention. In this video, Jes Averhart explains how to approach these comfort cliffs, and how to move from solid and cautious ground, working your way toward the edge until you’re ready to make the leap to the next best version of yourself. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  How to Rebrand Yourself after Your Reinvention
    2m 26s
    Branding is your story; how you present to the world – and it’s a significant part of reinventing yourself. After all, you’ve got to be at home in the renewed version of you, and that requires communicating the change to others. In this video, Jes Averhart explains three key areas to focus on to present the refreshed and renewed version of you more effectively. FREE ACCESS


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