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Adversity is that which knocks you down. Resilience is what gets you back up, off the floor. Obstacles can be big or small, but it's how you deal with them that determines your success. Choose perseverance, and you'll win every time.


  • Acquire insights on how adversity can bring out your best side.
    Acquire insights on how leaders are made out of people who have faced adversity early on in their lives.
    Acquire insights on a five-step process to dealing with adversity.
    Acquire insights on how to turn adversity into greatness.
    Acquire insights on perseverance by making your desires more powerful.
    Acquire insights on the importance of presilience over resilience.
    Acquire insights on how to become more resilient on an emotional and personal level.
    Acquire insights on the importance of being resilient when things are tough.
    Acquire insights on how to build resilience and adaptability.
    Acquire insights on being as resilient as a daruma doll, a doll with no arms or legs and is weighted at the bottom.
  • Acquire insights on laughability to provide perspective and alignment to provide purpose.
    Acquire insights on how success depends upon your response to adversity.
    Acquire insights on the neuroscience of overcoming stress and becoming resilient.
    Acquire insights on the golden rule of resilience.
    Acquire insights on perseverance and understanding your why.
    Acquire insights on the importance of learning from failures in leadership.
    Acquire insights on navigating periods of uncertainty with confidence and resilience.
    Acquire insights on the four choices one can make to become more resilient.
    Acquire insights on understanding the importance of perspective, especially when you're under pressure.


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    1.  Adversity Brings Out Our Best
    3m 57s
    Adversity helps to put down our narcissism and allow our good side to flourish. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Leading from Adversity
    3m 4s
    People who start with struggles learn early how to recruit others to their vision. He had learning disabilities; Chuck Schwab and Richard Branson are dyslexic; Schwab was thrown out of Stanford twice; Branson never graduated college; Steve Jobs was fired from Apple. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Dealing with Adversity
    1m 29s
    Dealing with adversity is a five-step process: 1) own it; 2) identify the best short term and long term outcomes; 3) do something you can do without asking permission; 4) identify someone you need to influence to achieve a desired outcome; and 5) take action. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Turning Adversity into Greatness
    4m 57s
    Although paralyzed from the waist down; Mark Wellman climbed El Capitan in eight days by doing 7;000 six-inch pull ups. After Hugh Herr lost both legs while climbing; he got a Ph.D. in engineering from MIT and built prosthetic legs that help him climb even better. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Persevere through Desire
    1m 50s
    Terry Fox was a Canadian cancer amputee who ran across Canada on only one leg; to raise money for cancer research. He said he did it “one telephone pole at a time.” We persevere when our desires are more powerful than our disappointments. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Resilience Versus “ Presilience”
    2m 44s
    The concept of resiliency is insufficient; that's why you need presilience. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  How to Become More Resilient
    3m 27s
    Replace negative voices in your head with positive voices. Say positive things to others; that boosts your energy. Be physical; swing your arms. Being slightly out of breath puts blood in your brain. Tell jokes. Choose the space; light and temperature you work in. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Resilience When Things Are Tough
    1m 51s
    You can’t control all the factors that determine business outcomes; but you can control how you feel about them and how you choose to deal with them. Taking control derives from a mindset that says you need to be resilient when things are tough. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  How to Build Resilience and Adaptability
    3m 23s
    First; get out of your office and meet the troops. Second; be decisive. Decide; then adjust based on what happens; no decision is the worst decision. Third; be clear about you want to accomplish. Then don’t micromanage. You don’t have the time and they won’t like it. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  How to Be As Resilient As a Daruma Doll
    3m 25s
    A Daruma doll has no arms or legs and is weighted at the bottom. Knock it down; and it always springs back. To be like a Daruma doll invest in the process; not the outcome; and live in appreciation and gratitude of what is good in your life; not on what’s wrong. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Laughability and Alignment Create Perspective and Purpose
    3m 4s
    Laughability provides perspective while alignment provides purpose. Both are necessary for moving forward despite obstacles. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Choose Success
    2m 9s
    How we respond to adversity determines our success and happiness. Our greatest resource is the ability to choose our mindset. We seek evidence to support our outlook; whether it is positive or negative. Our success is determined by our choices; not by our circumstances. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  The Neuroscience of Leadership Resilience
    3m 53s
    Neuroscience teaches us to keep our resilience topped off so that we can overcome both the effects of our own stress and the effects our stress has on others. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  The Golden Rule of Resilience
    2m 48s
    Resiliency to change is a matter of limiting stress by controlling more of what you can and letting go of what you can't control. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Understand Your Why
    4m 2s
    The ability to persevere is the difference between those who succeed and those who don't. Find out how to push through your darkest moments. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  How Leaders Learn from Failure
    2m 50s
    Not all failures are the same, and they have important lessons to teach us. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Navigating Periods of Uncertainty with Confidence and Resilience
    3m 2s
    Although uncertainty is a dominant feature of the modern work world, humans aren’t wired well to handle it. Find out how to navigate periods of uncertainty with confidence and resilience. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  Becoming More Resilient
    3m 25s
    At the heart of resilience is the recognition that we actually have a choice, that we can act on pressure. Find out about the four choices we can make to become more resilient. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  The Importance of Perspective
    2m 38s
    How you look at a situation determines how you respond, and how you respond determines the outcome. Find out about the importance of perspective is vital, especially when you’re under pressure. FREE ACCESS


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