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Do you have what it takes to make the sale? You need to understand the sales process, meet customers' needs, overcome objections, and build relationships, but you also need to understand how customers decide to make a purchase.


  • Acquire insights on the difference between prospecting and selling.
    Acquire insights on some characteristics of good sellers.
    Acquire insights on the importance of listening in the art of selling.
    Acquire insights on selling through the language of client.
    Acquire insights on clarifying the client's problems.
    Acquire insights on winning a business through intent, commitment and passion.
    Acquire insights on the importance of believing in your product.
    Acquire insights on the six stages clients go through in sales.
    Acquire insights on the three rules for effective sales.
    Acquire insights on how to deal with rejection in sales.
    Acquire insights on handling client objections in sales.
    Acquire insights on the importance of seeing 'no' as an invitation to 'yes' in sales.
    Acquire insights on the importance of "giving" as a component of selling.
    Acquire insights on improving sales through storytelling.
    Acquire insights on how to ask people for referrals.
    Acquire insights on the objective of selling.
    Acquire insights on the “law of value” in sales.
  • Acquire insights on why selling is all about giving.
    Acquire insights to understand how to make sure you get what you want.
    Acquire insights on the skill sets of modern sellers.
    Acquire insights on how to build a team with sales agility.
    Acquire insights on what it means for a modern seller to be an entrepreneur and how to build an entrepreneurial skill set within your team.
    Acquire insights on how to build holistic sellers.
    Acquire insights on building a network ecosystem.
    Acquire insights on how to cultivate loyalty and build long-term value.
    Acquire insights on effective strategies for closing new business.
    Acquire insights on assembling the right sales team for your organization.
    Acquire insights on strategies to get the most out of your training initiatives.
    Acquire insights on the keys to selling to the right customer.
    Acquire insights on the three elements of a successful sales conversation: context, content, and contact.
    Acquire insights on leveraging data to assess sales performance and deliver effective coaching.
    Acquire insights on using conversion analytics to maximize sales effectiveness.
    Acquire insights on communicating value as part of the sales process.
    Acquire insights on channel partner and multichannel selling approaches.


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    1.  Prospecting Versus Selling
    1m 55s
    Prospecting is often viewed as the start of a sale. No. The purpose of sales is to sell a product or service. The purpose of prospecting is to start a lasting relationship. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Characteristics of Good Sellers
    1m 26s
    Good sellers are trustworthy. They communicate honestly and transparently with their customers. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Listening Is the Art of Selling
    1m 33s
    People don’t buy what you’re selling; they buy what they want. Listen for what they want; then explain how your product or service meets that need exactly. Don’t throw in features they’re not interested in. That’s only confusing. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Use the Language of the Client
    Trust is key to selling. To build trust; use the client’s language; especially when mirroring emotions; because people buy on emotion justified by logic. Using the same language demonstrates you’re listening. The same applies to coaching. Peri gives examples. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  First Clarify the Client's Problem
    2m 55s
    Every sales conversation is different. Don’t ask leading questions. Clarify problems. Ask where the client is in their decision-making; then ask questions to get them emotionally engaged. Do your due diligence. Learn as much about them as they know about you. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Winning Business: Your Intent Matters
    1m 56s
    Dianne Ledingham tells how they won a contract by convincing the client they were passionate about ensuring the client’s success. Their passion and commitment was the differentiator that won the contract. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  You Must Believe in Your Product
    3m 2s
    If you don’t believe your product solves a problem you won’t engage; you won’t persist. Belief in your product is absolutely essential. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Stages of Change in Sales
    3m 20s
    Clients go through six stages when they make a decision to change: satisfied; acknowledge; fix/don’t fix; investigate; select; reconsider. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Three Rules of Sales
    2m 22s
    Market continuously; not just when sales fall off. Three rules of sales are 1) people only buy to lessen a pain; 2) they only buy when they are ready to buy; you can only educate them until that time; and 3) if you can’t get found when they’re looking; you’ll never get chosen. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Handling Rejection: The Three P's
    2m 34s
    We’re all in sales; whether it’s selling an idea or a product or service; and we all get rejected. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Handling Sales Objections
    2m 43s
    When a client objects to your solution it usually comes down to a fear of change. Does the pain of the present outweigh the unknown of the future? Do not launch into a solution. Instead; help the client study the problem and get past their fear of change. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Sales: With Perseverance You Can Turn "No" Into "Yes"
    2m 40s
    “You said no but I’m coming back.” FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Why Selling is About Giving
    3m 22s
    Selling is about giving—time; attention; counsel; education; empathy; and value. Top sales people understand it isn’t about them or their product or service. It’s about filling the other person’s needs. Create an environment where your offering fulfills their need. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Selling with Stories
    3m 38s
    Items sell for more if they have a good story. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  How to Ask for Referrals
    4m 45s
    Most people are happy to give you referrals, but they need you to first help them identify whom to refer. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Money Is Not the Target
    2m 54s
    Bob Burg explains why making money is not the objective of selling. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  The Law of Value
    3m 2s
    Successful salespeople give more in value than they charge in payments. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  Selling Is About Giving
    3m 33s
    At its core, selling is actually about giving. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  How to Get What You Want
    3m 21s
    Whether you’re selling a product or the idea of a pay raise, Aarons-Mele gives you tips to make sure you get what you want. FREE ACCESS
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    20.  The Skill Sets of Modern Sellers
    3m 11s
    In order to win new business and grow long-term business with customers, your sales team need to become modern sellers. Discover the key skill sets that set modern sellers apart from the rest. FREE ACCESS
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    21.  How to Build a Team with Sales Agility
    2m 57s
    Now part of almost every business conversation, agility is particularly important for sales success. Discover how to build a team with sales agility. FREE ACCESS
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    22.  Modern Sellers as Entrepreneurs
    3m 23s
    Today’s modern sellers need to be agile, entrepreneurial, holistic, social, and ambassadors. Find out what it means for a modern seller to be an entrepreneur and how to build an entrepreneurial skill set within your team. FREE ACCESS
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    23.  How to Build Holistic Sellers
    2m 38s
    A modern sales organization has holistic sellers. Find out what this means and how to build holistic sellers. FREE ACCESS
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    24.  Building a Network Ecosystem
    3m 14s
    Every buying decision now involves more decision-makers and influencers than ever before, so sales teams need to build network ecosystems. Discover how to help your sales team build their network ecosystems. FREE ACCESS
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    25.  How to Cultivate Loyalty and Build Long-Term Value
    3m 36s
    The news sales economy is impacting what it takes to earn new business and build long-term loyalty. Discover how modern sellers who are ambassadors can cultivate loyalty and build long-term value. FREE ACCESS
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    26.  Effective Strategies for Closing New Business
    3m 15s
    Developing your skills with closing keeps opportunities from getting stuck in your pipeline, while also maximizing your team’s sales efforts. Discover effective strategies for closing new business. FREE ACCESS
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    27.  Assembling the Right Sales Team for Your Organization
    3m 16s
    Assembling the right sales team has always been crucial. In today’s changing market context, assembling, training, and retaining that team is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. Discover strategies to identify the best candidate for your team, and improve your sales hiring. FREE ACCESS
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    28.  Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your Training Initiatives
    3m 29s
    Despite wide-ranging changes in how customers buy, most companies still approach sales training and development much as they did decades ago; as a short period of intensive training, and based in classrooms as opposed to in real-world settings. But to be effective, sales training should be a process, not an event. Discover the strategies to achieving more effective sales training. FREE ACCESS
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    29.  The Key to Selling to the Right Customer
    4m 2s
    In the pursuit of sales targets, some reps sell to a high volume of customers at a significantly reduced rate. But consider the extra work this involves for the rep, and the wasted resources for the organization. A more effective strategy is to identify and sell to high-value customers. Discover the benefits of making customer selection a central part of your sales strategy. FREE ACCESS
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    30.  Context, Content, and Contact: Three Elements of a Successful Sales Conversation
    3m 33s
    The key to closing a sale is often in the conversations your reps have with specific prospects. But how do you make those conversations a success? By focusing on context, content, and contact. FREE ACCESS
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    31.  Leveraging Data to Assess Sales Performance and Deliver Effective Coaching
    4m 41s
    Sales is undergoing a sustained data revolution. More data than ever before is available about selling activities in most firms. The good news is that more data means more transparency and improvement opportunities. But data alone is never the answer to a management issue. With sales in particular, context matters when diagnosing and evaluating performance. FREE ACCESS
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    32.  Using Conversion Analytics to Maximize Sale Team Effectiveness
    4m 37s
    Every business has a customer conversion dynamic, or set of activities from lead generation to closing and post-sale service. But just as every business is unique, so too are the steps the guide an individual from prospect to customer. Using your organization’s resources effectively on that journey can be a challenge. The answer to that challenge lies in conversion analytics. FREE ACCESS
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    33.  Communicating Value as Part of the Sales Process
    4m 14s
    A major part of the sales rep’s role is to frame and deliver the entire value proposition, including price. The key to doing so, in almost all cases, is to tie your price to a unit or metric that makes your value offering visible to the customer. FREE ACCESS
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    34.  Channel Partners and the Multichannel Selling Approach
    3m 11s
    Buying in most industries is now a dynamic process where customers touch multiple points in the distribution channel. In this new business environment, sales effectiveness is not only about listening to customers and providing value. It also requires multichannel capabilities throughout your customer's buying journey. FREE ACCESS


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