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The average work day is full of distraction, so how can you stay ahead of the curve and manage the endless stream of work? With two words that will change your life: time management. It's time to make your environment work for you.


  • Acquire insights on how to manage your time and productivity effectively by making the best use of your time.
    Acquire insights on being more productive by managing your time and energy.
    Acquire insights on the eight biggest time-wasters in today’s workspace.
    Acquire insights on prioritizing the tasks and people that are most important in your life.
    Acquire insights on prioritizing your tasks and making choices accordingly within your day.
    Acquire insights on how to manage your work and time around your top priorities.
    Acquire insights on how to choose between doing, delegating, or eliminating a task.
    Acquire insights on how to prioritize your work by doing the hardest task first.
    Acquire insights on why singletasking is more beneficial than multitasking.
    Acquire insights on why multitasking is a myth.
    Acquire insights on how to make an unproductive day productive.
  • Acquire insights on how to match your time with your key priorities.
    Acquire insights on streamlining your key objectives with your to-do list.
    Acquire insights on how to improve your productivity through a six box to-do list.
    Acquire insights on how to better manage your time during your working hours.
    Acquire insights on how to better manage your daily hours with three unique strategies.
    Acquire insights on how to get out of time-wasting meetings.
    Acquire insights on how multitasking can actually make you slower at work.
    Acquire insights on ways to stop wasting time.
    Acquire insights on the capability trap, how to can recognize it, and overcome it.
    Acquire insights on how to effectively manage and empower your team to ultimately minimize your distractions.


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    1.  Time Management and Productivity
    2m 7s
    As Allison was interviewing for the job of coaching a new CEO; he was invited to participate in a vendor selection meeting and asked Allison if he should attend. She said he had people for that. He needed to step back and consider the highest and best use of his time. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  How to Manage Your Time and Energy
    2m 59s
    Managing your personal energy can help you be a more productive worker. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Time is the Most Precious Resource
    5m 20s
    Good time management is crucial to success. The eight biggest time wasters are the Internet; socializing; personal communications via electronic devices; personal business; smoking; arriving late and departing early; job-hunting; and spacing out. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Dealing with the Fire Hydrant of Life
    2m 28s
    We are all overwhelmed with the demands of everyday life. Most people want to push it all away. That doesn’t work. Embrace the fire hydrant. Most of the demands are unimportant; but some of them are. Prioritize based on important people and important tasks. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Priorities: Making Trusted Choices
    4m 54s
    Deciding what to do next depends on your overall strategy; where you are; the available time; and your energy level; and type of activity—whether to work items already on a list; respond to unplanned activities; or process incoming information to define the work. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Stay Focused on Top Priorities
    3m 14s
    Most time management systems focus on organizing work; not on managing work and time around priorities. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Choosing What to Do
    4m 1s
    Jot down every task you do in a given week. Eliminate or delegate 50-75 percent. For each remaining task; ask whether you feel frustration or reward from its completion. If it’s frustration; do it quickly or delegate the task. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Do the Hard Things First
    1m 47s
    An investor in Silicon Valley said the most important advice he ever received was; at the end of each day; to prioritize the top six activities for the next day. Then spend up to two hours on the highest priority activity when he first arrived in the morning. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Don’t Multitask. Singletask!
    1m 20s
    Despite its perceived worth as a business skill; multitasking is detrimental to the brain and to productivity. Singletasking; however; increases focus and efficiency. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  The Myth of Multitasking
    3m 48s
    You can have a conversation with the person in front of you and the person in the Blackberry; but not at the same time. That’s impossible. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  My Day Got Away! How to Turn an Unproductive Day Around
    2m 19s
    Try these techniques when you feel like you’re not accomplishing anything. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  How to Match Your Time with Your Key Priorities
    4m 8s
    Track how you spend your time for a week. It sounds easy but it’s not. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Connect Your To Do List with Your Key Objectives
    2m 34s
    Peter Bregman selects five things to focus on. All his daily activities are organized around a to-do list that lists those five things plus the “other five percent.” FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Time Management: The Six Box List
    2m 54s
    A six box to-do list can help you be much more productive on your main goals. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Get Your Time Back
    1m 28s
    With a few simple tips; you can reduce the amount of time you spend on the phone or in meetings and start taking back your time. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Three Strategies to Maximize Your Time
    3m 1s
    Although it’s impossible to have more than 24 hours in a day, strategically choosing how to use the hours you do have can make it seem like you have more time. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  How to Get Out of Time-Wasting Meetings
    2m 40s
    With an average of 62 meetings per month, half of which is estimated to be wasted time, learning how to how to decline meeting requests is essential to productivity. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  The Myth of Multitasking
    3m 36s
    The time it takes to complete a task is increased by about 30 percent when you allow interruptions like phone calls and e-mails. The more you are fully focused on a task the more quickly and more thoroughly you complete that task. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  Five Easy Ways to Stop Wasting Time
    3m 27s
    Five simple but critical steps can prevent you from wasting your time. FREE ACCESS
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    20.  The Capability Trap
    3m 57s
    Have you ever found yourself being really busy but yet not being able to complete the tasks on your list? You may have fallen into the capability trap. Find out how to recognize when this happens. FREE ACCESS
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    21.  How to Effectively Manage and Empower Your Team and Minimize Your Distractions
    1m 26s
    Sometimes leaders are torn between a need to get their own work done, and a desire to help team members who come to them for help. Being too available to your team is sometimes counterproductive; you do not get your work done, and they ultimately grow to over depend on you. Instead, form a new habit of scheduling regular team meetings to address problems, and instill a sense of trust in your team when they come to you with minor issues. FREE ACCESS


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