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Business is all about relationships, and trust is the hallmark of all relationships. Without trust, you might as well close up shop. With trust, people perform better and succeed more often. Trust is a must. Trust starts with you.


  • Acquire insights on some practical tips to build trust during team meetings.
    Acquire insights on the benefits of representing yourself as you truly are.
    Acquire insights on the different factors that contribute towards making someone trustworthy.
    Acquire insights on the importance of building trust through transparency.
    Acquire insights on the importance of 360-degree feedback in scaling trust.
    Acquire insights how to build a trust-based organization.
    Acquire insights on building the trust of key stakeholders by sharing your personal agendas.
    Acquire insights on how low trust can negatively impact business relationships.
    Acquire insights on how to trust others at your own risk and in turn, become a more trusting person.
  • Acquire insights on how managers can listen more actively to build trust among team members.
    Acquire insights on the importance of your behavior over talks in order to gain trust.
    Acquire insights on the different values and virtues responsible for building trust in professional relationships.
    Acquire insights on the role of the hormone, oxytocin, in building trust.
    Acquire insights on building trust and credibility by sharing your values with others.
    Acquire insights on building businesses on the basis of trust.
    Acquire insights on the four elements of trust.
    Acquire insights on understanding that in order to design the work you love you need to build trust with each change you encounter along the way.


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    1.  How to Build Trust
    1m 18s
    At the start of a team meeting; ask everyone for their proudest moment that week and why. What is one new thing they’ve learned this week about themselves? What are two things that shaped you to be the leader you are today? How will that show up in this team? FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Authenticity: Representing Yourself as You Truly Are
    2m 11s
    Representing yourself as you truly are engenders trust quickly. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  How to Increase Your Trustworthiness
    2m 40s
    Trust equals credibility; reliability; and intimacy; all divided by self-orientation. To increase your trustworthiness build on intimacy; the most important factor. For example; comment on other people’s feelings; e.g.; “It looks like you’re a little upset. I’d be upset; too.” FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Trust Through Transparency
    3m 59s
    The wife of a colleague who often worked late thought he was having an affair. The wife locked him out of the house until she saw his credit card statement. He refused. Vineet Nayar asked whether his purpose was to have the conversation or to get into the house. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Scaling Trust
    3m 6s
    To scale trust; model it. For example; a leader published the results of his 360-degree feedback. For people to trust each other they must have confidence in themselves. Adobe eliminated reviews in favor of constant feed forward; and let managers distribute bonuses. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  How to Build a Trust-Based Organization
    4m 53s
    Ask four groups to list five behaviors demonstrating the absence of the four virtues; one virtue per group: credibility; reliability; intimacy; and low self-orientation. Repeat with the four values: other-orientation; collaboration; long-term focus; and transparency. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Uncover Personal Agendas Through Trust
    3m 33s
    Most senior executives don’t know the personal agendas of key stakeholders. You won’t learn those agendas by asking. To open up a personal agenda you must invest time in a long-term relationship. It works both ways; you must share your own personal agenda. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  The High Cost of Low Trust
    3m 46s
    Trust is the basis for positive relationships. In business low trust environments are filled with political games, interpersonal conflict, interdepartmental rivalries, and hidden agendas. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  How to Be a Trusting Person
    2m 23s
    There is no trust without risk. If you practice trusting others at your own risk; they will return the favor. Say; “At the risk of;” and fill in the blank with what you’re afraid of. For example; “At the risk of appearing a little ignorant here; I’m not sure I understand.” FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Listening Builds Trust
    2m 9s
    Trust improves performance. Team members who trust their manager work harder; provide more feedback; are more adaptable; accept coaching; and treat their clients better. The best way to build trust is to listen. Ask questions and listen to the answers. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Talk Versus Behavior
    1m 8s
    You can’t talk your way out of something you behaved your way into. People watch whether you do what you say you are going to do. You have to behave yourself out of whatever you behaved your way into. You have to earn the trust of others. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Virtues and Values
    3m 34s
    Virtues are credibility; reliability; intimacy; and low self-orientation; i.e.; individual trustworthiness. Values encourage trust in the organization: focus on others; collaboration; focus on relationships; and transparency. Work on one virtue and value each day. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  The Trust Game
    2m 25s
    Lisa Callahan describes a two-person game where the outcome can be win-win or win-lose depending on trust; a feeling associated with oxytocin in the brain. We can; however; be fooled by our brains; it is important to step back and be objective in situations of trust. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Building Trust and Credibility
    1m 53s
    Leaders build trust and credibility by making their values come alive for others. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Trust Inc.
    2m 42s
    The businesses of the future are built around trust, not transactions and managerial bureaucracy. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  How to Increase Trust
    3m 2s
    Building trust requires that you have a high ranking in each of the four elements of trust. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Building Trust
    2m 20s
    It is difficult to ensure happiness and productivity at work when change is a constant. Building trust with each change is an essential part of designing the work you love. FREE ACCESS


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