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Despite the closing gender gap, we still need more women in leadership. It's not about balancing the scale; it's about harnessing a powerful resource. Here's why you want-and need-more women at the top.


  • Acquire insights on why we need women in the workplace.
    Acquire insights on some of the barriers for potential women leaders in the workplace.
    Acquire insights on what qualities of women make them better leaders in the business.
    Acquire insights on how new women leaders can reframe some of the flawed assumptions they might have about working.
    Acquire insights on how new women leaders can reframe some of the flawed assumptions they might have about working.
    Acquire insights on how female leaders can succeed in a male dominated environment.
    Acquire insights on the importance of embracing who you are to realize your true potential.
    Acquire insights on how to build on your strengths to be a successful leader.
    Acquire insights on how women can lead the workforce at different levels.
    Acquire insights on how to shift your mindset to be a better leader.
    Acquire insights on the likability conundrum and different ways to counter it.
    Acquire insights on how confidence is an outcome of how competent you are at doing something.
    Acquire insights on how the need to be perfect in every single task might be holding you back.
  • Acquire insights on how women can vary their leadership styles in order to avoid being pigeonholed.
    Acquire insights on the importance of women in leadership roles.
    Acquire insights on how to manage gender bias and achieve gender neutrality in the workplace.
    Acquire insights on how awareness can change biases against women by women.
    Acquire insights on how women can support other women in the workplace.
    Acquire insights on how women can get better at salary negotiations with a little preparation.
    Acquire insights on how debriefing after a negotiation can be helpful to both the parties in the future.
    Acquire insights on strategies that women can become more political and influential at work.
    Acquire insights on how women can celebrate their success in pursuit of positions of power.
    Acquire insights on shifting your thinking to make powerful requests in the workplace.
    Acquire insights on declining a request and saying "no" in the workplace.
    Acquire insights on strategies for developing a strong personal brand for women.
    Acquire insights on a concept called "sticky floors", which could be holding women back from reaching their full potential.


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    1.  Why We Need Women in the Workplace
    1m 56s
    We need women in the workplace for gender diversity; to gain parity with men; to maintain GDP growth at 3 percent; because women at the top improves the bottom line; consumers are woman while producers are men; and because millennials demand flexible life styles. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Barriers to Women Leaders
    7m 4s
    Women encounter obstacles to leadership because of a bias that favors males for critical assignments; because women have mentors instead of sponsors; and they don’t match stereotypes about what leaders look like. Use your job as a platform. Grow it and network. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Why Women Are Better Business Leaders
    2m 40s
    Only about 20 United States Senators and 24 of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women. Women are often better communicators; better at nurturing teamwork; and have better emotional intelligence and intuition. The feminization of business is great for society; GDP; and for business. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Flawed Assumptions of New Women Leaders
    3m 1s
    New women leaders often assume they have to do all; but reframing this flawed assumption prevents problems for them; their employees; and their organization. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Women: Use Your Diversity to Your Advantage
    2m 19s
    Diverse businesses almost always outperform homogenous businesses; and women can take advantage of that. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  How Women Can Succeed in a Male Environment
    3m 41s
    Despite rising numbers of women in the workforce; females still face an uphill battle in some business environments. Monhla Hlahla shows how female leaders take on and win these battles. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Embrace Who You Are to Realize Your Potential
    2m 28s
    To realize your true potential; says Natalie Maroun; you must embrace all that you are; instead of just the factors that you believe the business world wants to see. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Successful Women Leaders Build on Their Strengths
    2m 47s
    Although she was living an affluent life; Joanna felt invisible and empty. When she interviewed successful women leaders; she discovered she had their skills; and only needed to acknowledge her fears; find her purpose; build on her strengths; and connect with others. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Women Can Lead At Any Level
    Women are not opting out of the workforce; in this economy they have to work. Women are saying; I can lead from the middle; I can lead from a cube. They don’t they have to climb the corporate ladder in an up-or-out manner. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Advice for Leaders: Shift Your Mindset
    2m 28s
    Women fail to advance to leadership positions because they have limiting mindsets. To change a mindset; be self aware without judgment. Remember a time when you had a desired mindset; then shift; for example from being a victim to being in charge. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  The Likability Conundrum
    2m 51s
    The more women are liked the less competent they are viewed. To counter that perception; 1) take leadership roles in one or two organizations; 2) create content that demonstrates your competence; and 3) recruit a wingman and talk each other up. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Competence to Confidence
    3m 42s
    Confidence is an outcome of competence. When you become competent at something confidence will follow. Women downplay their competence — “Oh; I was just lucky.” Shift your self-talk. Congratulate yourself when you have done something well. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Perfection
    3m 43s
    Women feel they need the perfect job; the perfect house; the perfect everything. It holds them back. What is the cost of that marginal increase toward perfection? Better to live in the messiness of imperfection. Learn from the mess. Have fun in the mess. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Women in Leadership: Adapt Your Style to Avoid Pigeonholing
    4m 19s
    To avoid being pigeonholed, women in leadership need to vary their leadership styles. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Women in Leadership
    2m 54s
    Women in leadership, whether on the board or as CEOs, make businesses and the world better. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Managing Gender Bias
    2m 52s
    Gender biases are both overt and hidden within organizations; and small changes can go a long way toward achieving gender neutrality. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Women vs. Women
    3m 30s
    Biases against women by women can have myriad causes; but awareness is the key to changing behaviors. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  How to Support Other Women
    2m 4s
    When shut out of conversations in male-dominated workplaces, and even in the White House, women who band together and amplify their ideas make sure their message gets heard. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  Job Negotiation for Women
    3m 40s
    Women are at an automatic disadvantage when it comes to salary negotiations, but a little preparation can make a big difference. FREE ACCESS
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    20.  Women and Negotiation
    2m 46s
    Debriefing after a negotiation helps both parties learn from the experience. FREE ACCESS
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    21.  Women Being Political
    5m 30s
    Women and men view being political at work very differently, but fortunately, there are specific strategies women can use to reframe the topic in a more positive light. FREE ACCESS
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    22.  Message to Women: Celebrate Your Success!
    2m 26s
    By celebrating their successes, women create momentum to go bigger and take on influential positions of power. FREE ACCESS
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    23.  Making Powerful Requests
    3m 13s
    If you’re one of the many people who find it difficult to ask for help, a shift in how you think about help can make it easier. FREE ACCESS
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    24.  How to Say No
    3m 55s
    Although most people say “yes” when asked for help, there are valid reasons for saying “no”—and in some cases, declining a request actually means more than accepting it. FREE ACCESS
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    25.  Personal Branding Strategies for Women
    2m 51s
    To attract the professional opportunities and sponsorships that lead to promotions, women need to develop a strong personal brand. FREE ACCESS
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    26.  Sticky Floors
    4m 51s
    Sticky floors are the self-limiting beliefs that prevent individuals, especially women, from reaching their potential. Here’s the way to get unstuck. FREE ACCESS


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