Finding & Organizing Documents in Google Drive 2020

Google Drive 2020    |    Beginner
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When you store and create a lot of files in your Google Drive, you may want to find them as quickly as possible. Learn the different ways to sort and view the details of your documents. Also, it is a good idea to organize your stroage area : create and manage folders to contain your files and use workspaces to be more efficient.


  • discover the key concepts in Finding & Organizing Documents in this Google Drive course
    use the sort & filter menus
    use the search function to find a file
    view & open files of the same format
    create, edit & delete a folder
    add and remove files from folders
  • colour code & create sub folders
    create a workspace and add files to it
    rename, hide & delete workspaces
    save a file received via email
    star & create shortcuts for documents


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    1.  Course Overview: Finding & Organizing Documents in Google Drive 2020
    This video outlines the key content covered in the Finding & Organizing Documents in Google Drive course, including how to create, remove and organize files and folders, how to create and manage workspaces and how to… FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Sorting & filtering documents in Google Drive 2020
    4m 46s
    Google Drive allows you to display your documents according to different criteria like name or last modified. You can also quickly locate a document that you need using filters. Learn how to use these different methods in… FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Searching for a document in Google Drive 2020
    5m 14s
    If you need to find a specific document or file, you can use the Google Drive search function. See how to enter the appropriate search terms to access a file or a folder. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Viewing files by type in Google Drive 2020
    5m 11s
    With Google Drive, you can view each file type via the corresponding Google application. See how to view Docs, Sheets and Slides without leaving your storage application. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating & removing folders in Google Drive 2020
    4m 36s
    The best way to organize your files is to create Drive folders. See how to edit or delete the folders you have created in Google Drive. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Organizing files in Google Drive 2020
    5m 10s
    Once you have created folders, you can begin to organize your documents. See how to place individual or multiple files into your chosen folder and how to remove them from a folder. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Organizing folders in Google Drive 2020
    4m 54s
    You can adjust the organization of your folders by creating subfolders. You can also apply color coding to your folders, helping you to identify them more easily. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Creating workspaces in Google Drive 2020
    5m 44s
    Workspaces, which can be found as part of the Priority view in Google Drive, allows you to organize and group together files. This can help you find documents more easily, which is particularly useful when looking for… FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Managing workspaces in Google Drive 2020
    3m 56s
    Once you have created workspaces, you can manage them in different ways. You can change their name to keep them up to date and hide them if they are not currently needed. Deleting workspaces without removing your files… FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Adding a file from Gmail in Google Drive 2020
    5m 27s
    You may have received one or several files by email, in your Gmail inbox. It is possible to save and choose their specific location in your Google Drive, without even leaving your inbox page. Learn how to quickly add… FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Getting quick access to Files & Folders in Google Drive 2020
    4m 36s
    Sometimes, having an organized Drive is not enough to quickly access the original files or the documents you use or view the most. Learn how to star files, and how to create shortcuts to quickly bring you to a file. FREE ACCESS


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