Following Users in Twitter for iOS

Twitter for iOS    |    Beginner
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Following a user lets you receive that user's tweets. Discover how to follow a user; import and manage contacts; flag, report, and block users; and manage your Twitter lists.


  • Follow someone on twitter
    Import your contacts to twitter
    Find and manage your twitter contacts
  • Flag, block, and report users on twitter
    Mute content on twitter
    Manage your twitter lists


  • 4m 55s
    Twitter allows you to keep up to date on the latest news posted by a particular user. This video tutorial will show you how to begin 'following' a user's account in order to receive their tweets. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 1s
    If you'd like to add contacts via your email or device, you can import them to your following list. See how to connect, import and view your contacts with the Twitter application for iOS. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Finding & managing your contacts in Twitter for iOS
    3m 54s
    When you start accumulating multiple contacts it's important to know how to find and manage them. See how to view your followers, unfollow users and manage your contacts with the Twitter application for iOS. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Flagging, blocking & reporting a user in Twitter for iOS
    5m 13s
    If you are being harassed or are the recipient of spam tweets, you can block a user. As well as preventing a user from sending you messages, you can also alert Twitter to any unwanted or inappropriate tweets via the report function. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Muting content on Twitter iOS
    6m 7s
    If you don't want to see content from certain users you can mute the account. The account's tweets will no longer show up on your timeline and the user won't know that you've muted them. You can choose to unmute an account at any time from your Twitter settings. Twitter also lets you mute keywords to avoid seeing offensive or inappropriate tweets in your timeline. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Managing your lists in Twitter for iOS
    6m 41s
    Twitter lists can be used to group profiles or users that discuss similar topics. These lists can be used to create separate information feeds on specific subjects, feeds that can be viewed whenever you want directly from your profile. FREE ACCESS


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