Formatting Emails in Lotus Notes 8.5

Lotus Notes 8.5    |    Intermediate
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Make your Lotus Notes emails more effective and easier to read. Explore various formatting techniques, including how to use styles and templates; add files, tables, images, and lists; and create a signature.


  • change the appearance of your emails in Lotus Notes 8.5
    apply a style to your Lotus Notes 8.5 emails
    make bulleted or numbered lists with Lotus Notes 8.5
    spell check your email with Lotus Notes 8.5
  • insert images or files into your emails with Lotus Notes 8.5
    create an automatic signature for your emails in Lotus Notes 8.5
    create an email template with Lotus Notes 8.5


  • 6m 4s
    In Lotus Notes 8.5, it is very easy to change the appearance of your emails. You can change the alignment of your text as well as its font and color. You can even apply special effects. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m
    Lotus Notes 8.5 features a number of different pre-existing styles that can be applied to the text elements that you have selected in a new email. These styles can be used to quickly adjust your text's formatting. You can even create your own customized text styles. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Creating a bullet list in Lotus Notes 8.5
    5m 16s
    If you want to add structure to a list of elements that you have created in your Lotus Notes 8.5 email, you can use bullet points and numbers. You can create detailed lists and sublists that mix the two formats. You can even change the symbol used to indicate a bullet point. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Using the spell check function in Lotus Notes 8.5
    5m 56s
    Before you send an email, it is a good idea to check that there are no spelling mistakes in it. Lotus Notes 8.5 comes complete with both an automatic spell check function that can check for mistakes as you type and a more detailed tool that can be used to analyze your document and remove any errors. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Inserting elements into your email in Lotus Notes 8.5
    6m 54s
    You are not limited to writing text-based emails. In Lotus Notes 8.5, you can create your own tables, insert images, and even integrate external files such as a spreadsheet or database. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Creating a signature in Lotus Notes 8.5
    5m 54s
    An email signature can be very useful if you sign an email in the same way each time. Rather than inserting the same information time and time again, you can create a signature that is automatically added to the bottom of any outgoing email that you write in Lotus Notes 8.5. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Creating a template in Lotus Notes 8.5
    5m 23s
    If you find yourself writing the same email on frequent occasions, you may find it useful to create a template. A template is an email with predefined text and address components already inserted, and can be used to speed up the creation of your message in Lotus Notes 8.5. It can also be used as many times as you want. FREE ACCESS


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