Formatting & Illustrating Notes in OneNote 2013 for Windows

OneNote 2013 (Windows)    |    Beginner
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Notes in OneNote do not have to contain only plain text. Discover how to format notes; use tags; insert shapes, images, links, tables, and files; and create video and audio recordings.


  • Tagging your notes
    Creating a tag
    Finding a tag
    Inserting shapes
    Selecting & removing an object
    Copying & pasting
  • Organizing objects
    Inserting an image
    Inserting a table
    Inserting a link
    Inserting a file
    Creating an audio or video recording


  • 5m 59s
    In OneNote 2013, adding tags to your notes can help you identify them more easily and find them more quickly. Most tags come in the form of an icon and you can add multiple tags to your notes. They are very useful for identifying what the note is about. You can even add a note to your list of tasks in Outlook 2013. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 21s
    If you need a particular tag for your notes in OneNote 2013, you can create your own. You can choose the name of the tag, its icon or logo, and even the formatting it applies to the tagged note. It is also possible to adjust the order of your tags in your tag list. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Finding a tag in OneNote 2013 for Windows
    5m 30s
    Tags are very useful for identifying and finding particular notes that you have added to your OneNote 2013 notebook. Launching the tag search allows you to visualize a summary of all your tagged notes and can even be used to transfer this summary to its own notebook page, to be used as a reference tool. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Inserting shapes in OneNote 2013 for Windows
    5m 52s
    In OneNote 2013, you can insert shapes using the Draw tools. It is also possible to modify an inserted shape: you can, for example, change the outline style and color effects. As well as shapes, it is also possible to insert lines and arrows. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Selecting & removing an object in OneNote 2013 for Windows
    5m 31s
    There are of different ways of selecting the items that you have added to your OneNote 2013 notebook. You can, for example, simply click on an item. You can also create selection boxes or freehand lasso shapes to select multiple items simultaneously. Knowing how to select a shape is important if you want to be able to delete it later on. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Copying & pasting in OneNote 2013 for Windows
    6m 29s
    You can save time in OneNote 2013 by using the copy and paste functions. These tools allow you to create exact copies of an item which can then be inserted elsewhere. You can use the copy and paste functions to duplicate and move notes, pages and even entire sections. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Organizing objects in OneNote 2013 for Windows
    4m 30s
    OneNote 2013 features a number of different tools that you can use to rearrange your notes and other items that you have inserted. If you have multiple items inserted, you can ensure that they appear correctly by adjusting the layer settings. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Inserting an image in OneNote 2013 for Windows
    5m 55s
    You can insert illustrations and images into your OneNote 2013 notebook. These images can be taken from a variety of different locations, including your hard drive, the online clipart library, or even your SkyDrive storage space. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Inserting a table in OneNote 2013 for Windows
    7m 21s
    It can sometimes be very useful to know how to insert a table to organize data in your notebook. In OneNote 2013, you can create basic tables from scratch, add columns and rows, and even insert blank Excel spreadsheets. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Inserting a link in OneNote 2013 for Windows
    6m 46s
    In OneNote 2013, you can add hyperlinks to create direct links to other items, articles or email addresses. This can speed up access to relevant external or internal content. You can, for example, create a hyperlink to a website, an email address or even an existing document or section within a notebook. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Inserting a file in OneNote 2013 for Windows
    6m 9s
    Your OneNote 2013 notebook can be used to store or manage existing files. This is very useful if you want quick access to a particular document. You can insert the file as a clickable icon linked to the original file, or as an image of the file's contents. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Creating an audio or video recording in OneNote 2013 for Windows
    6m 11s
    You not limited to creating text-based notes in OneNote 2013. You can, for example, insert video or audio notes, provided you have a camera and microphone attached to your device. This is particularly useful if you want to keep a record of what has been said during a meeting or what you have seen during a presentation or conference. FREE ACCESS



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