Formatting Presentations in PowerPoint iPhone

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Presentations are more effective when they have visual impact. Explore the ways you can polish your presentation, from working with color and fill effects to text alignment and lists.


  • Change your text's font and size in powerpoint for iphone
    Add color to your text in powerpoint for iphone
    Align your text in powerpoint for iphone
  • Create columns in powerpoint for iphone
    Insert bullet points in powerpoint for iphone


  • 4m 28s
    In PowerPoint for iPhone, you can change how your text appears in your document by modifying the font style and size. You can also create italicized, bold or underlined text. Emphasis will make certain text elements in your document stand out. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 34s
    One way of making text and titles stand out in your document is to add a splash of color. PowerPoint for iPhone allows you to not only add color to your text characters, but also add a text box background color to help your text stand out. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Aligning your text in PowerPoint iPhone
    3m 47s
    You can improve the appearance of your presentation's text simply by changing the alignment settings. PowerPoint for iPhone features four basic text alignment settings: left align, right align, center, and justified. These tools can be used to change how your text appears on the slide. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Creating columns in PowerPoint iPhone
    2m 14s
    Columns can be useful, especially if you want to present your text in the form of a magazine or newspaper article. PowerPoint for iPhone makes it easy by automatically creating them. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Inserting bullet points in PowerPoint iPhone
    4m 2s
    If you want to give structure to any text that you have inserted into your PowerPoint for iPhone document, you can use the numbered list and bullet points tool. This tool can also be used to create sub lists and number and bullet point hybrid lists. FREE ACCESS


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