Formatting Presentations in PowerPoint Microsoft 365

PowerPoint Microsoft 365    |    Beginner
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Learners can explore ways in which to add, format, and organize text elements in a PowerPoint for Office 365 presentation in this 9-video course. First, you will examine how to enhance the appearance of text in a slide by using the variety of fonts available in the Font tool, and how to resize text with Text Size tools. You will learn how to adjust the position of text within a slide using the standard horizontal and vertical alignment options, and to adjust the position using the Rotate tool. Next, learn how to organize text into columns to maximize the use of space on your slides, how to choose the number of columns, and how to adjust spacing between columns. This course demonstrates how to add bullet points, adjust their size and style, and how to use numbered lists within a text box. You will learn how to customize your paragraph layout by using indent. Finally, learners will observe how to adjust line and paragraph spacing.


  • change your presentation text size and font
    align your presentation text
    rotate your text in your presentation
    organize your presentation text into columns
    insert bullet points in your presentation
  • insert a numbered list in your presentation
    create a hybrid list in your presentation
    modify your paragraph indentation in your presentation
    modify your line and paragraph spacing in your presentation


  • Playable
    1.  Changing your text size & font in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    6m 3s
    One of the best ways of adjusting the appearance of any text that you have inserted into your presentation is to use the font and text size tools. PowerPoint offers a wide variety of font styles, sizes and effects - such… FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Aligning your text in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    4m 41s
    Once you have inserted some text into your PowerPoint presentation, you can begin to adjust its position on the slide. As well as the standard horizontal and vertical alignment options. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Rotating your text in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    3m 39s
    Once you have inserted some text into your presentation, you can start adjusting the text's position on your slide using the rotate tool. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    4.  Organizing your text into columns in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    2m 58s
    In PowerPoint, you can organize your text into columns. This can be particularly useful to maximize your use of the space on your slides. You can choose a number of columns used and even adjust the spacing between your… FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Inserting bullet points in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    5m 2s
    If you want to begin structuring and organizing a list of data entries, you can use PowerPoint's bullet point tools. You can adjust the bullet point style and appearance, and even create sublists. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Inserting a numbered list in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    4m 53s
    Create a list of numbered items with the numbered list tool to clearly present your information in your presentation slides. See how to apply this tool for a numbered list or numbered sublist, as well as how to better… FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    7.  Creating a hybrid list in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    4m 42s
    You can combine bullet and number lists to better present your information in your PowerPoint presentation. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    8.  Modifying your paragraph indentation in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    3m 31s
    In PowerPoint, you can customize your paragraph layout using indentation. This can help you to give your text elements structure and ensure that what you have written is clear and easy to read. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    9.  Modifying your line & paragraph spacing in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    3m 47s
    Adjust the line and paragraph spacing in PowerPoint to make your text easier to read. FREE ACCESS


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