Getting Email Right Series

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Email is a common stressor at work, but a few key behaviors can turn it from a headache into a productive activity. Keeping your emails organized and your emotions in check takes the stress out of communication on the job.


  • Acquire insights on how to use emails in the right way and make them count.
    Acquire insights on how to follow certain email rules to maintain good work relationships.
    Acquire insights on when email is the wrong choice for conveying messages at work.
  • Acquire insights on the three biggest mistakes that the managers might make when using emails.
    Acquire insights on the different ways to keep your inbox empty.
    Acquire insights on the right way to text people in a professional setup.


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    1.  Getting Email Right: Introduction
    2m 59s
    Email makes up 80 percent of business communication and is the second leading cause of stress after reorganization; but less than five percent of leading corporations have an email training program. Email lives forever. How can you make your email count? FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Getting Email Right: Email Rules for Working Relationships
    5m 15s
    1) Don’t copy over someone’s head; it hurts your relationship and your chances for promotion. 2) Before you forward ask if you have permission; what it will accomplish; and whether the message is emotionally loaded. 3) Don’t reply in an emotional state. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Getting Email Right: When Email is the Wrong Choice
    2m 59s
    Email may be wrong when delivering 1) bad news; that’s insulting and marginalizes the recipient; 2) criticism and disagreement; pick up the phone or meet in person; and 3) late night and weekend messages; that invades personal time and promotes turnover. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Getting Email Right: The Three Biggest Email Mistakes Managers Make
    3m 43s
    First; stamp out reply to all. It is used correctly only twelve percent of the time. Second; no late night or weekend email. It kills relationships. Third; don’t escalate; don’t respond to tattletales. Make people responsible for their own relationships. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Getting Email Right: How To Keep Your Inbox Empty (Really!)
    4m 12s
    1) Unsubscribe to newsletters and notifications. 2) Reply; delete; or file each email in an A folder for action within 48 hours; or a B folder for later. 3) Work on email before lunch and at the end of the day. 4) Ask senders five questions to reduce the frequency of their messages. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Getting Email Right: Professional Texting Etiquette
    3m 11s
    Texting can produce 400 percent more results than email; and 650 percent more responses than voice mail. Use it during business hours for business purposes; e.g.; to schedule a meeting or when people can’t talk. Be clear; be brief; avoid emojis; and use your camera. FREE ACCESS


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