Getting Started with Typekit in Adobe Typekit CC 2015

Adobe Typekit CC 2015    |    Intermediate
  • 10 videos | 32m 6s
  • Includes Assessment
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Adobe Typekit provides a huge range of unique, creative fonts. Explore different Typekit purchasing plans, configuring accounts, navigating the interface, and Typekit libraries.


  • describe what Typekit is and give examples of its uses
    distinguish between locally loaded fonts and web fonts
    describe the required specifications for installing and using Typekit, both offline and online
    compare the available Typekit plans
    create an Adobe account and use it to purchase a Typekit plan
  • edit preferences for Adobe and Typekit accounts
    download and install the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app
    recognize the main areas of the Typekit interface and their uses
    distinguish between the full and limited Typekit libraries
    change the way fonts display in a Typekit library


  • 2m 14s
  • 2m 24s
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    3.  Requirements for Installing Adobe Typekit CC 2015
    2m 45s
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    4.  Choosing an Adobe Typekit CC 2015 Plan
    3m 19s
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    5.  Purchasing an Adobe Typekit CC 2015 Plan
    2m 59s
  • Locked
    6.  Configuring Adobe and Typekit Accounts in Adobe Typekit CC 2015
    2m 59s
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    7.  Installing the Creative Cloud Desktop App in Adobe Typekit CC 2015
    3m 34s
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    8.  Navigating the Adobe Typekit CC 2015 Interface
    7m 23s
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    9.  The Adobe Typekit CC 2015 Libraries
    2m 6s
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    10.  Changing Your View of Fonts in Adobe Typekit CC 2015
    2m 24s


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