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Learn from Angela Duckworth exactly what it means to be ‘gritty at work' and how to apply this concept to your daily life and career.


  • Acquire insights on how to be gritty at work.
    Acquire insights on how to be a gritty leader.
    Acquire insights on how to use the “hard thing rule" to learn the lessons of grit.
    Acquire insights on the role and importance of each team member in gritty teams.
  • Acquire insights on the developmental stages of grit.
    Acquire insights on what it means to be gritty.
    Acquire insights on why women leaders with grit are more powerful in society.
    Acquire insights on why being gritty requires that you are continually learning.


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    1.  How To Be Gritty at Work
    2m 36s
    What does it mean to be gritty at work? It starts with being passionate about work, even when you're not at work. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Paragons of Grit
    1m 55s
    Leaders are paragons of grit. Do you have what it takes to be a gritty leader? FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Learning The Lessons of Grit
    2m 25s
    The "hard thing rule" is a terrific way to learn the important lessons of grit. Learn how to work hard and find passion in what you do. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Individual Grit
    1m 32s
    Gritty are teams aren't much different from gritty individuals. The key difference is that, with teams, each person contributes to a collective passion and perseverance. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Developmental Stages of Grit
    2m 50s
    The development of grit occurs in three stages: interest development, deliberate practice, and beyond-the-self purpose. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  What Does It Mean To Be Gritty?
    1m 23s
    Grit is not about sticking to one thing; it is being tenacious about what you're heading toward. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Gender and Power in Society
    1m 56s
    Although grit is the same across gender, grit offers women in leadership a special opportunity. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Continually Learning
    1m 20s
    To be gritty, you have to be continually learning. There is no such thing as an expert. FREE ACCESS


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