Group Calendar Management in Office 365 Groups

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Be aware of upcoming tasks, events, and meetings using the calendar in Office 365 Groups. Discover how to manage group calendars, including creating events and inviting participants.


  • view group calendars in Office 365
    create group events in Office 365 Groups
  • manage your attendees list
    manage and print group calendars


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    1.  Viewing your group calendars in Office 365 Groups
    6m 11s
    In Office 365, each group has its own calendar, which is linked to other Office 365 applications like Planner or Outlook. You will see how to access and navigate these calendars. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Creating a group event in Office 365 Groups
    6m 9s
    In Office 365 Groups, you can schedule events or meetings for your specific groups. You will see how to create and edit an event, invite others to join and respond to an invitation. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Managing your attendees list in Office 365 Groups
    4m 45s
    When you create an event in a group calendar, all members of the group are automatically invited. However, you can always invite people outside of your organization to join and can manage who attends by removing them from… FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Managing & printing your group calendars in Office 365 Groups
    5m 26s
    If you manage several groups on Office 365, it's important to be able to differentiate between each group calendar. You can do this by customizing the color for each calendar. You will also see how to add other… FREE ACCESS


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