Group File Sharing in Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups    |    Beginner
  • 5 videos | 25m 50s
Office 365 Groups offers a number of ways to share information with teammates. Discover how to add hyperlinks, tables, images, and attachments to a message; edit and share a document, and view shared group files.


  • Insert different elements into your messages
    Attach documents to your messages
    Edit and share documents in office 365
  • Insert images in office 365
    View shared group files


  • 5m 2s
    When writing a group message in Office 365, you can insert different items. You will see how to insert hyperlinks, tables and images into your messages. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 16s
    In Office 365, you can attach documents to your group messages. You will see how to attach documents from an online source like OneDrive as well as directly from your hard drive. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Editing & sharing a document in Office 365 Groups
    4m 11s
    In addition to sending attachments with your messages in Office 365, you can also edit a document before posting it in a group conversation as well as change its permissions to limit who can edit the document once it's been shared in the group. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Inserting an image in Office 365 Groups
    5m 23s
    As well as sharing documents in your Office 365 Groups, you can share images in your messages. You will see how to insert images as attachments and as inline with the message body. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Viewing your shared group files in Office 365 Groups
    5m 59s
    Each group in the Office 365 platform contains its own Files library. You will see how to access these shared files, how to configure your attachment options and how to add new files directly to this library. FREE ACCESS