ICND2 3.0: Configuring EtherChannel

Cisco ICND2 3.0    |    Intermediate
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  • Includes Assessment
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Discover the benefits of EtherChannel and learn how to configure it, as you prepare for the 200-105: Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 2 certification exam.


  • specify the maximum number of ports that can be bundled into an EtherChannel
    identify the mode that creates an EtherChannel unconditionally without dynamic negotiation when configuring an EtherChannel between switches
    specify the steps used to configure a static EtherChanel when combining Fast Ethernet ports
    identify characteristics of EtherChannel configuration
    specify the EtherChannel link negotiation mode defined in an IEEE standard
    specify configurations for LACP mode combinations that allow the formulation of EtherChannels
    identify the protocol that allows you to create EtherChannels in multivendor environments
  • identify the commands used to enable dynamic link aggregation protocols
    recognize the EtherChannel mode that enables a PAgP EtherChannel when a PAgP device is connected
    recognize the PAgP mode combinations that allow EtherChannel links to be formed
    identify the syntax used to configure a switchport into a Layer 3 routed port
    recognize show etherchannel summary output when troubleshooting EtherChannels
    list the steps for creating a Layer 3 EtherChannel on FastEthernet interfaces



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