Leadership Insights on Being Accountable

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The accountable leader lets go of responsibility and delegates effectively. Learn about the five key levels of accountability, holding individuals accountable to the team, and overcoming obstacles to cultivate a culture of accountability.


  • Acquire insights on the various obstacles to accountability in the workplace.
    Acquire insights on getting more results by becoming accountable.
    Acquire insights on how to become an effective delegator.
    Acquire insights on how leaders prepare themselves to lead ethically by thinking in terms of long-term impact, and not just short-term gains.
    Acquire insights on the five levels of accountability at the workplace.
  • Acquire insights on how a company can reap positive results by shifting accountability.
    Acquire insights on the importance of individual accountability in an organization.
    Acquire insights on the importance of self trust.
    Acquire insights on how to hold yourself accountable for doing what's important.


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    1.  Obstacles to Accountability
    3m 28s
    Employees who are rewarded for individual performance have no incentive to be accountable for others. These managers and teams play a game where they win and others lose. Some managers will play for the entire enterprise, but they are few and far between. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Get More Results: Pick Up Accountability and Let Go of Responsibility
    3m 9s
    Move from being the go-to person to being a leader of go-to teams by becoming accountable for results. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Becoming A More Effective Delegator
    2m 9s
    You don't get better by delegating more—you get better by delegating more effectively. That means talking with employees about their responsibilities and yours. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Individual Accountability
    3m 2s
    Bob Sutton describes organizations where everyone feels individually accountable. People are recruited who reflect that mindset, and are placed in groups that live the mindset. These employees feel obligated to correct each other, and admit their mistakes publicly. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Five Levels of Accountability
    3m 1s
    Levels 1 and 2 are accountability for yourself and your people. That’s usually as good as it gets. Level 3 is accountability for peers, level 4 is accountability for the boss, and 5 is for the enterprise. Division heads can demonstrate accountability at level 5. He gives an example. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Solidifying Your Team: Shift Accountability
    3m 24s
    Simon Sinek suggests that using “I intend” could have positive consequences for a company. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Leaders Don't Have All the Answers
    2m 21s
    Organizations are too complex for leaders to have the answers, or to be able to micromanage all the details effectively. Instead, leaders need to create a culture that delegates with accountability while reducing risk. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Learning at the Speed of Trust: Self Trust
    6m 37s
    Self trust is about you and your credibility.  The four cores of credibility are your integrity; your intent; your capabilities; and your results. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Holding Yourself Accountable
    Do you have the strength to act according to your values? With these easy techniques, you can hold yourself accountable for doing what's important. FREE ACCESS


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