Linux Exploits & Mitigation: String Vulnerability Analysis

Ubuntu 20.04    |    Intermediate
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String vulnerabilities are at the core of a wide range of exploits. Being able to recognize, debug, and fix unsafe string manipulation code is essential to avoiding vulnerabilities. In this course, you'll explore how string code can be written safely and how strings vulnerabilities are exploited. You'll look at the most common format string vulnerabilities in the C programming language and what it means to overflow a string buffer. You'll debug string exploits, including vulnerabilities introduced by common string output and manipulation functions. Next, you'll correct common errors, check strings for safety, loop over strings, and see what happens when unsafe strings are executed in a program. Finally, you'll describe how code can be injected via strings and how strings can be returned safely.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    describe how strings are exploited in computer programs
    illustrate the weaknesses caused by string formatting methods
    perform a string buffer overflow in a C program
    apply flags to the gcc compiler to catch string weaknesses by converting warnings into errors
    recognize and correct weaknesses introduced by poorly implemented string copies
    recognize and correct common input string vulnerabilities
  • explore how generating command line string inputs can exploit insecure string methods
    check input strings for validity and safety
    perform loops over characters in a string in a safe manner
    run programs that fail due to unsafe strings
    describe how strings executed dynamically can lead to vulnerabilities
    recognize safe and unsafe methods of returning strings in C
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course



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