Managing Contacts in Android 8.0

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With the Contacts app on Android 8 you can manage your contacts. Begin by exploring how to add a contact, navigate the app, and customize the display. Learn how to keep track of your contacts and add, edit and delete them on your contacts list. Other topics include how to modify a contact including information such as their name, company, profession and avatar. Explore how to organize your contacts, merge them, create contact groups, add labels, sort contacts by first or last name, and pin them to your home screen. Discover how to customize your contacts view. Finally, share your contacts via Gmail, through OneDrive, and by exports.


  • use the Contacts application on your Android device
    create a contact on your Android device
    manage your contacts on your Android device
  • create contact groups
    share your contacts from your Android device
    customize your contact list


  • 4m 5s
    The Contacts application on your Android 8 device allows you to find a list of your contacts' information quickly and easily. In this video you'll see how to use the application, search for a specific contact and add contacts to your favorites so they appear at the top of the contacts list. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 57s
    If you need to add another contact to your contacts list you have the option to create one from the contacts application or from your email account. Android 8 gives you the possibility of adding all the information about your contacts such as name, company, occupation and more. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Managing your contacts in Android 8.0
    5m 47s
    Once you've added a contact to your contacts list you have the possibility of modifying the information or adding to it, for example, you can change their avatar. You can delete contacts from the application in Android 8 and if duplicates are found you can merge them to create one contact to avoid confusion when selecting the right contact from the list. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Creating contact groups in Android 8.0
    7m 10s
    A good way to organize your contacts list is by creating labels for your different contacts. This will also make finding your contacts easier too. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Sharing your contacts in Android 8.0
    5m 10s
    Sharing your contacts information is easily done from the Android contacts application. You have the choice to share contacts via Gmail or an external application, such as OneDrive. You can also import and export entire contacts lists quickly from the application settings. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Customizing your contact list in Android 8.0
    6m 16s
    You have the possibility to customize the organization of your contacts list by sorting them by first or last name. If there are contacts that you use on a regular basis you can pin them your home screen to access their information more quickly. You can also choose which contacts appear when you open the application by customizing the view. FREE ACCESS


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