Managing Events & Alarms in Android 8.0

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The Android 8 Calendar app allows you to view your upcoming events and navigate easily through upcoming dates. Learn how to work with the Calendar app, add events, change settings, and use the clock. You will learn how to add an event, choosing the type of event, it's time and location. Once you've added an event you can go back and modify it if necessary. The videos in this course will explore how to add, edit and delete recurring events, add task reminders, and personal goal sessions to your calendar. You can also personalize your calendar settings, select quick responses, default event duration, and automatic email additions. Finally, you'll learn how to edit, delete, and customize your clock's date, time zone, timer, stop watch, alarms, snooze, brightness, and screen saver.


  • navigate the Calendar app
    add an event on your Android device's calendar
    add reminders and goals to your calendar
    modify an event on your calendar
    add a recurring event on your calendar
  • configure the calendar settings
    use the Clock application on your Android device
    set alarms on your Android device
    configure the Clock application on your Android device


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    1.  Navigating the Calendar app in Android 8.0
    3m 17s
    The calendar application allows you to choose the display you prefer to be able to see your different events a day, week or month at a time. In this video, you will also discover the calendar interface and how to access… FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Adding an event in Android 8.0
    5m 29s
    You have the possibility of adding events to your calendar on your Android 8 device. You can choose the type of event, it's time and location. Once you've added an event you can go back and add more information to… FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Adding reminders & goals in Android 8.0
    4m 38s
    As well as adding events your Google Calendar also lets you add reminders for your different tasks that when completed you can mark as done to help you stay organized. You also have the option to set up sessions for your… FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Modifying an event in Android 8.0
    4m 48s
    Having created an event you have the possibility of editing the date, time or other details. If you decide to delete an event you can send any participants a message to let them know beforehand. You can also choose to… FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Adding a recurring event in Android 8.0
    4m 41s
    Any event that you create can become a recurring event if necessary. In this way, you can schedule weekly meetings, monthly appointments or customize your own recurrence. You can also delete recurring events or remove the… FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Configuring the calendar settings in Android 8.0
    4m 11s
    You can configure the Google calendar settings from your Android 8 device to make your calendar more personal. You can change the quick responses, choose the start day of the week and choose the default event duration. If… FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Using the Clock application in Android 8.0
    6m 32s
    The Clock application present on your Android 8 device no only allows you to tell the time and add other clocks to know the time in other parts of the world, it also allows you to set alarms, and use the integrated timer… FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Setting alarms in Android 8.0
    4m 7s
    The Clock application on your Android 8 device allows you to set alarms for important events, tasks or simply to wake you up each morning. In this video, you'll see how to set, edit and delete alarms on your Android 8… FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Configuring the Clock application in Android 8.0
    4m 25s
    You have the possibility of configuring the different settings in the Clock application. You can personalize the clock settings, alarms settings, timer and screen saver settings. For example, you can remove seconds from… FREE ACCESS


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