Managing Social Media Activity in Buffer

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Buffer allows you to customize where and how to share your social media posts. Examine multiple network sharing, automatic posting and scheduling, managing your queue, using the Buffer extension, analyzing posts, and managing settings.


  • share a post across multiple networks from your Buffer account
    add automatic message posting times with your Buffer account
    schedule a message post with your Buffer account
    manage your message posting queue in Buffer
  • use Buffer with the Firefox browser extension
    analyze your posts with Buffer Analytics
    manage the social network settings in your Buffer account


  • 5m 58s
    On Buffer you can share a post on multiple social networks at the same time. Find out how to enter your post, add links, and share in using your various accounts. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 42s
    With Buffer you can create a specific timing for your posts using automatic scheduling. Find out how to do this for the accounts you have added to the service. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Scheduling your posts in Buffer
    5m 29s
    Before you share a post, you can decide whether to share it immediately or schedule it for a later time in order to ensure that you post regularly to your social networks. Learn how to choose the date and time of publication or to add the posts to your Buffer queue. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Managing your Buffer Queue
    4m 18s
    When you add posts to your queue, they are then scheduled for the next time that you set under each social network account. Find out how to manage your posts from the queue, including how to edit the content, delete, and change the time of publication. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Using the Buffer extension
    3m 38s
    To be even more efficient about your posts, you can add a Buffer extension to your browser and share links directly from the page you're viewing. In this tutyorial you'll find out how to do this with your Firefox browser. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Analyzing your posts in Buffer
    2m 53s
    Once you've shared your posts, you can keep track of them in Buffer Analytics. With this service, you can follow the number of views, number of likes, and potential views. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Managing your social network settings within Buffer
    3m 35s
    For each of the accounts that you have linked to Buffer, you can modify certain settings. Learn how to modify the way your links are displayed and how to manage some of your privacy settings. FREE ACCESS