Managing Tasks in Planner 2016

Office 365 Planner 2016    |    Intermediate
  • 9 videos | 44m 16s
  • Includes Assessment
In Office 365 Planner, a project can be managed efficiently by dividing it up into tasks. Discover how to work with tasks, including adding, organizing, assigning, and labelling tasks, and how to send a task message.


  • Add tasks and deadlines in office planner
    Organize tasks into buckets in office planner
    Assign tasks to team members in office planner
    Send messages about tasks in office planner
    Receive and reply to messages in office planner
  • Add task checklists in office planner
    Label tasks in office planner
    Filter tasks in office planner
    Manage tasks in office planner


  • 5m 20s
    Office Planner can help you to manage your project efficiently by dividing it up into tasks, which can then be given deadlines and assigned to particular members. Once the deadline has passed for a task, it will be marked in your planner as overdue. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 25s
    Once you have added tasks to your plan, you can categorize them using buckets. Buckets allow you to organize your work into phases, types of task or any other groupings applicable to your plan. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Assigning tasks to team members in Office 365 Planner 2016
    5m 39s
    Once you have created a task and added a due date, you have the option to assign it to a member of your plan group. If you assign a task to a member, they will receive a notification and see their name and avatar displayed next to the task. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Sending messages about a task in Office 365 Planner 2016
    4m 49s
    Starting from a task card, you can send a comment to your collaborators, and in particular the collaborator that the task has been assigned to. By using Planner alongside the Office 365 messenger, you can hold a real conversation with your collaborators. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Receiving & replying to messages in Office 365 Planner 2016
    With Planner, you may receive information about a task in the form of a comment. Here you will see how to find, read and reply to a comment either in public or in private. You can also respond to messages by "liking" them. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Adding a checklist for a task in Office 365 Planner 2016
    5m 48s
    To keep your collaborators up to date with your progress, or to set out the various elements of a task that need to be completed, you can add a checklist to a to task. This can work as a "to-do list", helping you to ensure that no stages of any of your tasks are forgotten. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Labelling a task in Office 365 Planner 2016
    4m 28s
    In Microsoft Planner, you can use labels to help you to quickly identify common elements across a number of tasks. You can, for example, assign a particular color to urgent tasks, tasks which require external services, etc. These colored labels will be visible for all members of the plan. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Filtering tasks in Office 365 Planner 2016
    Planner now gives you the possibility of changing the display of your tasks in your plan view by using the filter tool. In this video, you'll see how to apply filters to only see the information you want to see and remove filters in Planner. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Managing tasks in Office 365 Planner 2016
    4m 48s
    Once you have finished a task or its deadline has passed, you can mark it as finished, reactivate it, or even extend the deadline and/or assign it to another member. Here you will see how to manage your tasks in Microsoft Planner. FREE ACCESS