Managing Webinars in GoToWebinar

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Need to manage a webinar? Discover how to use the presentation tools, polls, and surveys, and how to record a webinar and generate reports.


  • assign and change participants' roles for a GoToWebinar presentation
    use the presentation and annotation tools during a screenshare presentation with GoToWebinar
    screenshare a document during a GoToWebinar presentation
    poll participants opinions during a GoToWebinar presentation
  • create a survey to share with your GoToWebinar participants
    record your GoToWebinar presentation
    generate reports about your GoToWebinar presentation


  • 4m 25s
    Depending on your status, you will have access to different tools in the course of a webinar. An organizer has the most power, with the ability to modify the roles of other members. A presenter can share their screen and give their mouse and keyboard to another attendee. A panelist can speak and answer questions. An attendee can listen and ask questions, but that permission can be modified by the organizer or the presenter. We'll see how to change someone's role once the webinar has started. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 39s
    If you are using screen sharing to give a presentation or webinar and you want to make it more interactive, you can use the presentation and annotation tools, which include the pen, highlighter and spotlight tools. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Sharing your screen during a webinar in GoToWebinar
    5m 37s
    If you need to give a presentation or show a file during a webinar, you can share your screen or a part of your screen. That way, webinar attendees can view a file you'd like to share without downloading anything. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Using polls in GoToWebinar
    6m 15s
    If you'd like to hear what your webinar's attendees think about a certain topic, you can create a poll on the GoToWebinar website and then choose when to launch it during the webinar itself. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating a survey in GoToWebinar
    4m 51s
    When you organize a webinar, you can create surveys that attendees will receive at the end of the webinar. Together we'll see how to create, manage, and send these surveys, in the hopes of receiving more information from your attendees about themselves or about the quality of the webinar. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Recording a webinar in GoToWebinar
    5m 9s
    If you want to be able to review a webinar at a later date, you can record it. GoToWebinar recordings can be saved online and then downloaded or shared with your webinar's attendees. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Generating reports in GoToWebinar
    4m 42s
    After your webinar has finished, you'll have access to detailed reports with information regarding registration, attendance, participation, recording, and surveys. We'll look at how to find and download these reports for further analysis. FREE ACCESS


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