Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek on Public Speaking From A to D (Analog to Digital)

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Public speaking. Two words that can strike fear into the hearts of otherwise confident people. Rest assured, this course has you covered. Join Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek, Chief Marketing Officer at Skillsoft, as she outlines the steps in this course you will need to learn and ultimately master the skill of public speaking.


  • Acquire insights on the five components of a professional presentation.
    Acquire insights on the importance of one's ability to tell a story in your presentation.
    Acquire insights on how to get the context right in your presentation.
    Acquire insights on how to personalize your presentation.
  • Acquire insights on how to prepare for a presentation.
    Acquire insights on delivering virtual presentations.
    Acquire insights on how to get better at public speaking.


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    1.  Public Speaking: Introduction
    3m 50s
    A good presentation is more than just a great idea.  A professional-caliber presentation is the powerful combination of five things: content, context, personalization, delivery, and, preparation.  Find out about these five components of a professional presentation. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Content is Queen
    4m 27s
    Although there's no one rule about what makes the best content for a presentation, there are some keys to success.  An important one is your ability to tell a story. It's a good idea to open every presentation with a story because stories are a great way to grab the audience's attention.  FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Context Matters
    2m 47s
    With each new presentation, you're designing and building a unique experience.  Those experiences grow directly out of understanding, environment, and context. Find out how to determine the correct context of every presentation. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Personalize Your Presentation
    3m 10s
    The best way to ensure your audience shares your passion when you're making a presentation is through personalization.  The most effective speakers build meaningful, if brief, relationships with their audience.  Although you can't read the room until you're actually there, you can do your homework beforehand. Find out how to personalize a presentation. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Preparation
    3m 21s
    Although content, context, personalization, and delivery are all important facets to consider when it comes to public speaking, preparation is what matters most.  That means practicing over and over and over.  The best presenters still spend hours rehearsing. Find out how to prepare for a major presentation. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Virtual Presentations
    4m 22s
    Although live in-person events are returning in the post-COVID-19 world, virtual events will continue to be a very viable and vibrant medium.  While the preparation is very much the same when it comes to a virtual event, the platform has changed. Learn the things to keep in mind to make the most of a virtual environment and to avoid some common pitfalls.  FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Get Ready for Your Close-Up
    3m 2s
    Public speaking is a skill just like any other.  You can learn how to do it and then put that knowledge into action. Discover tips on how to get better at public speaking. FREE ACCESS


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