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Learn what are the common descriptive measures of a network, such as centrality, closeness, and betweenness. Also find out what are the standard stochastic models for networks, such as: Erdos-Renyi, preferential attachment, infection models, notions of influence, etc.


  • Gain a basic understanding of networks
    Know exactly what a network is
    Know how to represent a network
    Know how to use various measures of centrality for nodes
    Know how to use other centrality measures presented
  • Understand various structural characteristics of networks
    Understand what network models are
    Know what epidemic or contagion models are
    Know how to maximize influence over a network


  • 6m 17s
    Find out what a network is and how it relates to data science. FREE ACCESS
  • 6m 32s
    Learn about some examples of networks FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Representing A Network
    4m 59s
    Learn how to represent a network. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Various Centrality Measures Of A Node
    Now that you know how to represent a network as an adjacency matrix, learn how to measure the centrality of a node. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Other "Spatial" Centrality Measures
    6m 46s
    Learn more centrality measures and how to use them. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Global Network Statistics
    8m 50s
    Learn more about the characteristics of a network FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Network Models
    10m 32s
    Now that you know the basics of networks, learn about network models and how they work FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Stochastic Models On Networks
    7m 31s
    Now that you have learned a lot about network structure, learn about a basic class of processes on networks. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Influence Maximization
    6m 59s
    Learn how to maximize the spread of information over a network by picking the correct nodes. FREE ACCESS


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