Organizing Files in Dropbox 2017 Web

Dropbox 2017 Web    |    Beginner
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Get organized by taking advantage of Dropbox's organization features. Discover how to create and delete folders, use folders to sort and organize your files, and use the syncing tools to access your documents more easily from your computer.


  • create folders in Dropbox
    sort files into folders in Dropbox
    manage your folders in Dropbox
  • synchronize files on your computer with Dropbox
    open and edit a file on your computer


  • 7m 35s
    When you've added multiple files to Dropbox sorting your them into folders it a great way to organize them. in this video, you will learn how to create different types of folders, such as shared folders and team folders. You will also see how to delete new folders from Dropbox. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 56s
    Once you have created different folders in Dropbox you can then start organizing your files. In this video, you will learn how to move and copy files into your folders and sub-folders. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Managing your folders in Dropbox 2017 Web
    4m 28s
    Dropbox lets you create sub-folders within your different folders which will help you organize your multiple files, especially if you have files spanning over a long period of time for example. You can then move, copy and archive your folders and even delete the one you're sure you'll no longer need. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Synchronizing files on your computer in Dropbox 2017 Web
    4m 22s
    Installing the Dropbox desktop app on to your computer will sync your device to your online account. You can then view your files online or from your computer and make updates and modifications. If you modify files on your computer or online, the changes will be saved to both. For example, if you change the name of a folder in Dropbox, the change will appear in the folder on your computer. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Opening & editing a file on your computer in Dropbox 2017 Web
    2m 49s
    Dropbox doesn't let you modify your files from your online account. You can, however, view and modify your documents from your computer. Having downloaded the desktop app and synced your device to Dropbox any changes you make from your computer will appear in your account online. FREE ACCESS