Organizing Photos & Creating Albums in Flickr

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One method for organizing photos in Flickr is to create albums. Explore photo management, including how to create, edit, and organize photo albums; use search to locate photos; and add geotagging information to your photos.


  • manage your Flickr photos
    search Flickr for specific pictures
    perform an advanced Flickr search
    create a Flickr album
  • edit a Flickr album
    organize your Flickr albums
    geotag Flickr photo locations on a world map


  • 7m 13s
    If you want to make quick changes to a photo or to several photos, you can use Flickr's Camera Roll feature. If you want to use batch organization for your photos and apply more detailed changes, you can use Flickr's "Organizr" feature. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 59s
    Hundreds of thousands of pictures are posted on Flickr every day. In order to find exactly the type of photo you are looking for, you need to know how to perform a search. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Performing an advanced search in Flickr
    4m 40s
    If you want to narrow down a search even more on Flickr, you can use the Advanced search option. You can search by page orientation, by a certain date or for certain tags. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Creating an album in Flickr
    4m 18s
    If you want to organize your photos by theme, you can create albums. It's possible to create albums both before and after you publish your photos on Flickr. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Editing an album in Flickr
    5m 2s
    Once you have published a photo album, you can always go back and make changes. You can add additional photos and edit each individual photo in the album. You can also change the photo information like the title or permissions. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Organizing your photo albums in Flickr
    5m 21s
    If you have created several photo albums, you can organize them into collections. Collections can be useful if you have several albums that share the same general theme. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Using Geotagging in Flickr
    6m 52s
    Geotagging the locations where your photos were taken allows others to see where you've been. Each tagged photo gets added to a world map. You can also search this map for photos tagged and taken by other Flickr members. FREE ACCESS