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Flickr is all about sharing photos and videos. Discover how to import photos or videos, view, edit, upload, and manage your photos, as well as options for sharing photos privately or publicly.


  • import your photos and videos into Flickr
    view and edit your Flickr photos
    upload your photos to Flickr via email
  • share your Flickr photos on social media
    share your private Flickr photos
    change your default Flickr settings


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    To start sharing your photos and videos on Flickr, you need to import them from your computer. Once you upload your pictures, you can manage, organize and share them. FREE ACCESS
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    Once you have imported your photos, you can view them from your Photostream. You can also edit the information for each photo like the title, date or privacy setting. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Uploading photos by email in Flickr
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    You can publish your photos directly on Flickr via email. Flickr will automatically generate the email address for you and once you send a photo to this email address, it will be directly posted on your Photostream. You can also use the subject line and the body of your email to create titles and descriptions for your photos. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Sharing your photos in Flickr
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    You have several options when it comes to sharing your Flickr photos on different social media platforms. You can share your photos, galleries, albums, groups and favorites on these social networks or by email. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Sharing your private photos in Flickr
    5m 15s
    If you want to share photos or albums with someone, you can send them a link. If sharing an album, you can choose if you would like to share Private and Public photos or only those set as Public. The URL for these two choices are different. Generating a link creates a temporary Guest Pass that you can manage by expiring the link, and therefore making the photos inaccessible. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Changing your default settings for new uploads in Flickr
    4m 52s
    You can change your default settings for new uploads under the Privacy and Permissions tab. These changes will be applied to all of your future uploads; however, you still have the option to change these settings on each individual photo, if necessary. FREE ACCESS


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