Posting Updates in Facebook iPad

Facebook iPad    |    Beginner
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Your Facebook wall is your personal message board. Discover how to post to your wall and friends' walls, use the Reaction button, and view and manage posts using privacy settings or hiding them from your timeline.


  • Post updates on facebook
    Respond to posts with the facebook reaction button
    Share information on facebook
  • Manage your posts from your facebook app
    View and manage the timeline sections from your facebook app
    Check-in from different locations with your facebook app


  • 6m 5s
    Your Facebook profile features a wall or timeline, which is a personal message board that can be used to display your updates and interactions within the service. In addition to being able to post photos, videos, links and messages on your wall, you can also do the same on your friends' walls. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 25s
    Facebook's Reaction button is very popular. It lets your friends know how you feel about a certain post without having to comment on the particular post. When you react to a post, you will then be notified of the latest news about the post on your news feed. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Sharing information on Facebook iPad
    6m 40s
    Most Facebook content can be shared in more than one location. You can post to your wall, someone else's wall and to a group or page. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Managing your posts in Facebook iPad
    6m 37s
    If you notice an error in one of your posts, you can edit the content from your wall. You can change the location within a post and tag a friend to make sure he/she sees the post from their wall. You can also hide posts that you don't want to appear in your timeline as well as delete comments and posts on your wall. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Viewing the different sections of your timeline in Facebook iPad
    6m 13s
    On your timeline, which is visible from your profile page, people can see information about subjects that interest you. Via the Facebook App, you can add likes for certain of these subjects and edit their privacy setting or hide it from your timeline. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Checking in to Facebook iPad
    4m 20s
    With the Facebook App you can view your past check-ins and can check-in from a location on this list or you can tag a location when updating your status, which will then be added to your Check-in section. FREE ACCESS