Project Audio Settings in Adobe Premiere Elements 13

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Learn how to improve the audio in your movies using Premiere Elements 13. Here we show you how to work with audio tracks, music scores, and sound effects, link and unlink audio and video tracks, and create a narration track.


  • Adding an audio track
    Unlinking audio & video
    Adding music scores & sound effects
    Recording narration
  • Adding audio effects
    Mixing audio tracks
    Modifying the volume of audio tracks


  • 4m 31s
    In Adobe Premiere Elements, you can use different audio tracks for the same movie. If any of your video clips were originally recorded with sound, the audio will be added to the respective audio track. You can, however, add additional audio to the soundtrack area to add music, for example. FREE ACCESS
  • 7m 3s
    When you insert a video with audio, the video and audio tracks are automatically linked. If you want to edit one of these tracks separately from the other, you can unlink them. You can then edit them separately or move them around in the timeline and then relink the tracks when you are finished editing. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Adding music scores & sound effects in Adobe Premiere Elements 13
    6m 17s
    Adobe Premiere Elements has a large choice of different music clips that you can use for your movies. You can also add different sounds to create more realistic or dramatic effects in your movie. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Recording narration in Adobe Premiere Elements 13
    6m 24s
    In Adobe Premiere Elements, you can record your voice or someone else's voice in order to create a narration track in your movie. After configuring the audio settings, you can record your narration and edit it in the timeline afterwards. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Adding audio effects in Adobe Premiere Elements 13
    5m 31s
    You can apply certain effects to the audio tracks that you add to your movie. For each effect you can you can choose from a list of presets or you can customize the sound of the effect yourself by adjusting the settings. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Mixing audio tracks in Adobe Premiere Elements 13
    When you have multiple audio tracks added to your movie like sound effects, dialog and music, these tracks need to be mixed and balanced. You can use the Smart Mixer for automatic mixing or you can adjust and mix the levels yourself for each audio track. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Modifying the volume of audio tracks in Adobe Premiere Elements 13
    4m 55s
    Adobe Premiere Elements can detect different volumes in an audio track which allows you to find the strongest beats within a music clip in order to match your video and audio better. You can also normalize the audio to remove volume changes that may be too abrupt as well as increase the audio gain in order to amplify the sound in the audio track. FREE ACCESS


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