Publishing & Scheduling Posts in Hootsuite

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Hootsuite is all about publishing content across different social media platforms. Discover how to create new publications, attach files, images, and videos, and schedule publications.


  • publish a message on Hootsuite
    publish a file on Hootsuite
    publish a multimedia file on Hootsuite
    publish a message with Composer
    use drafts in Hootsuite
  • schedule a publication in Hootsuite
    use the Hootsuite AutoSchedule tool
    schedule a publication with Composer
    manage scheduled publications


  • 2m 31s
    You can post messages directly from Hootsuite to your various social media networks. Publishing messages on Hootsuite can save you time as you can apply the same post settings to all the messages at the same time such as location or post scheduling. In this video, we’ll see how to add a link and location and post your message to a network. FREE ACCESS
  • 2m 52s
    Publishing a file is similar to posting messages on Hootsuite. In this video, we’ll see how we can publish a file, remove a file and publish an image using Hootsuite. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Publishing a multimedia file in Hootsuite
    4m 19s
    In addition to posting files to your social media networks, you can also post engaging multimedia files, like video. Today we’ll look at adding a video to a message, publishing a video, and also publishing a video to YouTube. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Publishing a message with Composer in Hootsuite
    2m 34s
    Now that we’ve seen how to quickly post messages to multiple networks using the compose message bar, let’s look at the composer tool which is similar but allows us to see a preview of how our posts will look when we decide to post them. In this video, we’ll add and publish a message using the composer tool. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Using drafts in Hootsuite
    2m 39s
    If you’ve written a message you’d like to save for later, you can use drafts. Drafts in Hootsuite allow you to come back to a thought or message and finish it later. In this video, we’ll look at saving a message as a draft, browsing through your drafts, editing a draft and finally publishing a draft. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Scheduling a publication in Hootsuite
    2m 55s
    If you have many messages that you would like to send out routinely, you can set up scheduling so that your posts can be sent automatically even when you are away from your computer or phone. In this video, we’ll look at setting up post scheduling, editing the post's message, and removing the message. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Using the AutoSchedule tool in Hootsuite
    3m 29s
    If you have no specific date or time in mind to schedule a post, you can use Hootsuite’s Auto-Schedule feature to pick an optimal time to post, based on your past post interactions. In this video, we’ll look at configuring the auto-schedule and editing and removing our scheduled messages. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Scheduling a publication with Composer in Hootsuite
    2m 40s
    Now that we’ve seen how to schedule posts, we’ll now look at scheduling posts in the composer. Here we’ll be able to see how our posts will look before scheduling them. We’ll see how to configure the publication, and then how to edit and remove it. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Managing scheduled publications in Hootsuite
    5m 2s
    Now that we’ve scheduled posts in a variety of ways, let’s see how we can manage our scheduled posts. In this video, we’ll explore the publisher interface, filter our messages, export scheduled publication and finally remove unwanted publications. FREE ACCESS