Searching & Viewing Videos in YouTube Web

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Get started viewing and sharing videos with the YouTube app. Discover how to create, access, and customize your account; search for and watch videos; subscribe to a channel; and manage your subscriptions.


  • access YouTube to watch and post videos
    sign into Google to create a YouTube account
    find and watch YouTube videos
    browse your YouTube viewing history
    access your YouTube play lists
  • save YouTube videos to watch later
    subscribe to a YouTube channel
    manage your YouTube subscription settings
    customize your YouTube account settings


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    1.  Accessing the application in YouTube Web
    2m 29s is a website for sharing videos. See how to access the application and start watching and posting videos. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Signing in to your account in YouTube Web
    3m 48s
    YouTube is a video sharing website connected to your Google services. If you don't have a Google account, you'll need to create one in order to start setting up your own YouTube account. This will allow you to… FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Finding & watching videos in YouTube Web
    6m 14s
    Hundreds of hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, that information will be saved to your viewing history. Use your viewing history to find recently viewed videos to rewatch or share. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Browsing your viewing history in YouTube Web
    2m 51s
    Every time that you look up and watch a video on YouTube, this information will be added to your viewing history. Browse through your viewing history to quickly rewatch or share your favorite videos. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Accessing your playlists in YouTube Web
    4m 59s
    Playlists allow you to regroup multiple videos in a single location, to automatically view one after the other. Create as many playlists as you'd like to regroup your favorite YouTube videos. See how to create and… FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Saving videos in YouTube Web
    3m 36s
    If you don't have time to watch a video right away, you can mark it for viewing at a later time. Use this tool when searching for videos and then mark all of the videos that you'd like to return to later… FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Subscribing to a channel in YouTube Web
    5m 3s
    Stay informed on all the latest updates and activity on your favorite channel subscriptions by subscribing. You can then go directly to the channel that you'd like to watch check out the updated playlists and videos. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Managing your subscriptions in YouTube Web
    3m 51s
    Once you've subscribed to a channel, you'll be able to find new and existing videos by browsing the different categories on your channel subscription. Manage your subscriptions by choosing the information that… FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Customizing your YouTube account settings in YouTube Web
    4m 21s
    Customize your advanced account settings to adjust them to your preferences. Edit your personal information, your connected accounts, and the notifications that you receive via email. It's also possible to activate a… FREE ACCESS


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