SECFND: Interpreting Log Data

Cisco SECFND    |    Beginner
  • 2 videos | 48m 5s
  • Includes Assessment
Discover the importance of interpreting log data, including how to locate and decipher information. Viewing log info in Windows, Unix, Apache, and Mac systems is covered. This course can be used as part of the preparation for the 210-250: Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals certification exam.


  • Identify the location of logs on a linux system
    identify the tool to use on a windows system to monitor security events
    specify the location of security events when auditing a windows system
    describe the type of security events on a windows system
  • Identify the log file on an apache server that tracks request to web server
    describe the location of iis log files to track request to a website
    define the log file location for the web server on linux
    list the severity levels on a linux system


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    1.  Interpret OS Log Data
    25m 47s
    In this video, you will learn how to identify the tool to use on a Windows system to monitor security events. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Interpret OS Log Data Part 2
    22m 18s
    Learn how to identify the log file on an Apache server that tracks requests to the web server. FREE ACCESS