Secure Design

  • 16 videos | 1h 19m 49s
  • Includes Assessment
Security practices must be integrated in every aspect of software design. Explore secure software design processes, such as attack surface evaluation, control identification and prioritization, and threat modeling.


  • Measure and minimize attack surface
    Recognize threat modeling techniques and purpose of documentation
    Identify characteristics of control identification and prioritization
    Identify characteristics of design and architecture technical review
    Identify characteristics of risk assessment for code reuse
    Distinguish between applicable methods to address core security concepts
    Recognize security design principle best practices
    Distinguish between interconnectivity activities best practices
  • Identify interfaces best practices
    Distinguish between the different architectural forms and supporting elements of secured distributed computing
    Recognize best practices for securing service-oriented architecture
    Recognize best practices for securing rich internet applications
    Recognize best practices for securing pervasive and ubiquitous computing
    Recognize best security practices when integrating with existing architectures
    Recognize best practices for securing cloud architectures
    Recognize best practices for securing mobile applications


  • 6m 18s
  • 4m 51s
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    3.  Control Identification and Prioritization
    4m 48s
  • Locked
    4.  Design and Architecture Technical Review
    3m 27s
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    5.  Risk Assessment for Code Reuse
    3m 27s
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    6.  Applicable Methods to Address Core Security Concepts
    6m 7s
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    7.  Security Design Principles
    4m 42s
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    8.  Interconnectivity
    4m 38s
  • Locked
    9.  Interfaces
    4m 11s
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    10.  Distributed Computing
    4m 59s
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    11.  Service-oriented Architecture
    5m 15s
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    12.  Rich Internet Applications
    6m 6s
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    13.  Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing
    6m 50s
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    14.  Integrating with Existing Architectures
    4m 17s
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    15.  Cloud Architectures
    6m 36s
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    16.  Mobile Applications
    3m 18s