Sending & Receiving Emails in Lotus Notes 8.5

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Email is one of the components contained in Lotus Notes. Discover how to work with emails, including sending, receiving, saving, and printing, as well as how to create an out-of-office reply.


  • receive and read emails in Lotus Notes 8.5
    send emails with Lotus Notes 8.5
    reply to and forward emails with Lotus Notes 8.5
    send emails to multiple contacts with Lotus Notes 8.5
    save your email drafts with Lotus Notes 8.5
  • open and save email attachments with Lotus Notes 8.5
    send attachments to your Lotus Notes 8.5 emails
    create an automatic out of office notification with Lotus Notes 8.5
    adjust the email delivery options with Lotus Notes 8.5
    print your emails with Lotus Notes 8.5


  • 3m 56s
    When accessing your emails via the Lotus Notes 8.5, it is a good idea to get into the habit of regularly checking for emails. You can instruct the email client component to check for any unread emails that may have been received but that have not been downloaded, so that you can subsequently read them and interact with them in Lotus Notes 8.5. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 58s
    A key skill to learn when using email is how to create and send a new message. In Lotus Notes 8.5, you can create a new email in a number of different ways. You can also attach files to your email in order to send them to your contacts. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Replying to & forwarding an email in Lotus Notes 8.5
    6m 11s
    If after reading an email, you want to send a response, you can use the reply function. In Lotus Notes 8.5, the reply function can be configured to include the conversation history and even any attachments that you received in the original email. And if you want to pass on an email that you have received, you can do so in a matter of clicks with the forward function. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Sending an email to multiple individuals in Lotus Notes 8.5
    4m 22s
    You can send an email to multiple individuals simultaneously. In Lotus Notes 8.5, you have a variety of different address fields which can be used to send your email to different individuals. To use these fields correctly, you will need to know the difference between To, CC and BCC. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Saving an email in Lotus Notes 8.5
    4m 46s
    Lotus Notes 8.5 features a drafts folder which can be used to store any emails that you want to save, return to, and send later on. Any emails that you store there can be accessed and edited, before being sent at a later date. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Saving an attachment in Lotus Notes 8.5
    5m 43s
    Emails are often used to transfer digital documents between individuals. If you receive a file that has been added to an email - this is known as an attachment - you are going to need to know how to open it in Lotus Notes 8.5 and also how to save it so that you can access it later on. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Sending an attachment in Lotus Notes 8.5
    3m 48s
    Lotus Notes 8.5 can be used to send both standard messages and emails with attachments. This is very useful if you need to transfer a digital file to someone. You can send a variety of different files, including photos, music files, text documents, and spreadsheets. You can also send multiple files in the same email. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Creating an out-of-office reply in Lotus Notes 8.5
    6m 50s
    If you know that you are going to be without email access for a period of time, you can create an email notification which can be sent automatically to anyone who sends you an email. This video tutorial will show you how to use Lotus Notes 8.5 to configure your notification email, and set up exceptions. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Adjusting the delivery options in Lotus Notes 8.5
    5m 26s
    In Lotus Notes 8.5, you can adjust the delivery options for a particular email that you are writing. You can, for example, adjust its priority level, add help the recipient identify what the message contains, and even set expiration and reply by dates. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Printing an email in Lotus Notes 8.5
    6m 45s
    Although the digital nature of email has helped save a great deal of paper, you may still find that from time to time you need to create a hard copy of your message. In this video tutorial, you will find out how adjust your page settings, create a print preview, and print out an email that you have received in Lotus Notes 8.5. FREE ACCESS


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