Setting Up Invoicing, Bills, and Payment in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020

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Once you've mastered the QuickBooks Pro 2020 interface, you can begin to enter information and record transactions. Discover how to enter bills and invoices, and track and reconcile transactions using sales receipts, refunds, or credit.


  • demonstrate how to enter bills
    demonstrate how to pay bills
    schedule, review and send payment reminders to customers for their invoices
    demonstrate how to create customer jobs and assign them to customers
    describe how to create estimates
    demonstrate how to create invoices
  • demonstrate how to combine multiple emails per customer invoice
    configure invoices to automatically include the customer PO number in the subject line of the invoice email
    demonstrate how to create sales receipts
    demonstrate how to create refunds and credits
    demonstrate how to receive payments and record deposits


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    1.  Entering bills in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    6m 10s
    When conducting business, entering and keeping track of bills is an important aspect of bookkeeping. Once you receive a bill, whether there's a purchase order, an invoice, or an inventory item associated with it, you… FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Paying bills in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    3m 54s
    As with all businesses, your company is likely to receive bills from vendors or for items and services that you purchased. You can easily pay all bills and expenses in QuickBooks Pro 2020, as well as review all the bills… FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Scheduling customer payment reminders in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    5m 51s
    In QuickBooks Pro 2020, you can prevent overdue or late payments by configuring payment reminders to send a reminder via email to frequently overdue customers or anyone with an outstanding invoice. You can even add… FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Working with jobs in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    4m 13s
    In QuickBooks Pro, you can create jobs to assign them to customers. For the purpose of accounting, jobs are essentially specific projects that are designate to customers. You can also manage jobs and assign more than one… FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating estimates in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    3m 54s
    It's quite common for companies to provide estimates to clients. The idea behind an estimate is that you give the client a ballpark idea of how much the job is going to cost them. And in QuickBooks, you can easily… FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Creating invoices in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    4m 14s
    You can create invoices in QuickBooks to let your clients and customers know exactly how much you're charging them for products sold or services rendered. And in terms of bookkeeping, invoices are a useful way to keep… FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Combining multiple emails per invoice in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    3m 57s
    In QuickBooks Pro, you can consolidate various emails or other documentation and email them all-in-one to an employee, customer, or vendor instead of having to send numerous separate emails to the intended recipient. This… FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Adding customer PO# to invoice emails automatically in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    2m 8s
    When sending out invoices to customers, it's good practice to use a standardized email template to keep all your emails consistent. With QuickBooks Pro 2020, you can now easily customize the invoice template to ensure… FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Creating sales receipts in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    3m 51s
    If your company delivers one or more services but also sells inventory items to customers, you may need to create sales receipts. With QuickBooks Pro, generating sales receipts for your customers has never been easier. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Creating refunds and credits in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    2m 51s
    In business, it's often the case that you need to issue some clients a refund or a credit for goods they've returned. A refund might be valid if there's something wrong with a product. Credits could be for a… FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Receiving payments and recording deposits in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    4m 26s
    Because it's crucial to keep an up-to-date record of business income, you can use QuickBooks to record deposits and payments that your company receives. FREE ACCESS


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