Sharing & Exporting Workbooks in Excel 2013 for Windows

Excel 2013 (Windows)    |    Beginner
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Easily share spreadsheets with colleagues using Excel 2013 collaboration features. Discover how to share workbooks via email, OneDrive, and Office 365; publish workbooks online, and use comments and track changes.


  • Sending your document via email
    Publishing your spreadsheet online
    Sharing your document via OneDrive
  • Sharing your document via Office 365
    Commenting on a document
    Tracking changes in a document


  • 8m 27s
    You can use the integrated email function to very quickly send your Excel 2013 spreadsheet to other users via email. Your email is quickly created and you can adjust your email recipients and choose from different document formats, including XLS and PDF. FREE ACCESS
  • 7m 7s
    If you want to share your spreadsheet with other users online, Excel 2013 can help you to upload it. All you need to do is save your spreadsheet to your Microsoft OneDrive cloud space and create a sharing link. You can also convert your spreadsheet into webpage form and upload it to your own website. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Sharing your document via OneDrive in Excel 2013 for Windows
    5m 24s
    OneDrive is a service offered by Microsoft which is used to store files online. It is associated with your Microsoft account (such as Live, Xbox and Hotmail) and can be used to access your documents from any location with an internet connection. This service can be accessed directly via Excel 2013. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Sharing your document via Office 365 in Excel 2013 for Windows
    5m 9s
    Office 365 is Microsoft's online business tools solution. Users can access their office applications and documents online via the Office 365 portal, which is available from any device with an internet connection. Your Office 365 SharePoint space is accessible in Excel 2013. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Commenting on a document in Excel 2013 for Windows
    If there are multiple individuals working on your spreadsheet, you may find the comment tool a useful way of collaborating and coordinating your additions and modifications. You can use the comment tool to leave notes or questions attached to particular data entries in your Excel 2013 spreadsheet. These comments can be visualized by every user with access to the shared document. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Tracking changes in a document in Excel 2013 for Windows
    6m 25s
    When there are lots of individuals working on the same shared document, it is vital that you can all keep track of the changes that have been made. In Excel 2013, you can use the track changes tool to make sure that any changes that are made are highlighted in the document. These changes can then be viewed, accepted and rejected on an individual basis. FREE ACCESS


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