Signing in & Creating Presentations in Sway Web App

Sway Web App    |    Beginner
  • 6 videos | 23m 46s
The Sway web app can be used to easily create and share presentations, reports, newsletters, and more. Explore Sway, and discover how to import a PowerPoint presentation and create a copy of an existing presentation.


  • Sign in to sway
    Navigate sway
    Create and open a sway
  • Create a sway from a template
    Create a custom template in sway
    Find your sways


  • 4m 13s
    Sway is a Microsoft application used for creating and designing unique presentations. Before we can use Sway, however, we need to sign into Office 365. In this video, we’ll look at signing into Office 365, locating the Sway application, and signing out of Sway at the end of your session to keep your files safe. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 22s
    Once you've signed in to Sway, you'll need to know how to navigate around and explore the application. In this video, we will navigate around the Sway home page, navigate within a sway, and discover the different tools and menus we need going forward. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Creating & opening a sway in Sway Web App
    4m 33s
    Now that we’re more familiar with the Sway interface, let’s look at creating our own sway. Sways are completely customizable presentations that can be used to bring your ideas to life. In this video, we’ll create a sway, open an existing sway, and look at deleting sways we no longer want. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Creating a sway from a template in Sway Web App
    4m 27s
    If you are struggling to get going on a brand-new sway, or would simply like some inspiration, you can use a template to kick start your presentation. In this video, we’ll look at creating sways from templates, documents, and topics. We’ll also look at some featured sways that can help spark some creative thoughts. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating a custom template in Sway Web App
    2m 39s
    If you have created a sway that you are happy with, you can create a custom template from it. Custom templates can be used as often as you like, which may be helpful in creating a theme across a number of presentations. In this video, we’ll look at saving your Sway as a custom template, browsing through your custom templates, and deleting a custom template. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Finding your sways in Sway Web App
    4m 33s
    If your sways are large, you might find yourself getting lost inside them. Every sway has advanced search features that allow you to quickly search and navigate within sways to speed up your editing process. In this video, we’ll look at finding a sway from our homepage, searching within a sway, and performing an advanced search. FREE ACCESS