Signing In & Setting Up in Jive-n Cloud

Jive-n Cloud    |    Beginner
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Jive-n allows you to stay on top of the news in your company, your departments and your projects. See how to sign in to Jive-n, set up your profile and interface preferences, and find and follow company co-workers and colleagues.


  • sign in and out of Jive-n
    discover the Jive-n interface
    understand how the Jive-n platform works
    edit your Jive-n profile
    add a Jive-n profile photo
  • find people in Jive-n
    follow people in Jive-n
    customize your Jive-n display settings
    modify Jive-n notification settings
    configure your Jive-n account


  • 3m 20s
    In order to start using Jive-n, you will need to see how to log in and out of account securely. See how to find your login access and sign in to Jive-n for the first time. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 11s
    Once you've logged in with your Jive-n account, you'll need to know how to get around and use the interface features. See how to find and use the tools offered by Jive-n. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Understanding how the platform works in Jive-n Cloud
    4m 29s
    Jive-n is a social collaboration software, it offers you several levels of interaction options. See how these levels work and how to choose which will work best for your communication needs. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Editing your profile in Jive-n Cloud
    4m 29s
    Your Jive-n profile allows others to see who you are. See how to add, edit and update your profile information such as your location, contact information, and social media handles. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Adding a profile photo in Jive-n Cloud
    5m 49s
    In order to complete your Jive-n profile, you can add a profile photo. See how to change your profile avatar as well as upload your own photo to create a custom avatar. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Finding people in Jive-n Cloud
    5m 49s
    Jive-n is a social collaboration intranet platform. In order to interact with other users, you'll need to know how to find and view their information. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Following people in Jive-n Cloud
    5m 18s
    Once you find a colleagues profile, you can choose to follow them to stay up-to-date on their activity. See how to follow other users as well as stop following users in Jive-n. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Customizing your display settings in Jive-n Cloud
    3m 46s
    When you spend a lot of time on the Jive-n platform, it's important to feel comfortable with the interface. You will see in this module how to customize your view and display settings on Jive-n. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Modifying notification settings in Jive-n Cloud
    2m 43s
    For the Jive-n interface you will be able to access and view your notifications. You may also receive email notifications. See how to change and update your notification preferences with Jive-n. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Configuring your account in Jive-n Cloud
    3m 28s
    Setting up your Jive-on account will allow you to change the way your interface works You will also be able to change the language used and the display styles. FREE ACCESS


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