SNCF: Dashboards, Reporting, Troubleshooting, Packet Capture, & Cisco AMP

Cisco SNCF
  • 6 Videos | 1h 8m 53s
  • Includes Assessment
  • Earns a Badge
Dashboards may seem a bit silly at first, but they really can be very powerful and save you tons of time! In this course, you'll learn all about dashboards in the Firepower system, including how to customize the default dashboards and even make your own from scratch. You'll explore powerful built-in reports that you can run with Firepower, as well as how to find these default reports, customize them, or create new ones. Next, you'll examine the process for troubleshooting packet drops and the ability to capture packets on the Firepower system. You'll learn that the Cisco Firepower system permits the integration of Cisco AMP, including support for both the Cisco AMP for Networks and Cisco AMP for Endpoints. Finally, you'll learn about the other ways in which the Cisco Firepower system can integrate with other solutions. This course can be used in preparation for the 300-710: Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower (SNCF) certification exam.


  • identify the components added to a dashboard
    recognize the steps to create a dashboard
    identify the steps to work with reports within the FMC
    identify steps to verify if security intelligence is the reason for dropped packets
    identify the command to disable debugging on the Firepower device
    recognize the command to enable debugging on the Firepower device
  • identify the extension of packet capture files in Firepower
    recognize the command to capture traffic on the Firepower device
    identify the steps to configure AMP on the Firepower device
    recognize the use of different AMP products
    identify features used to improve Cisco’s security intelligence
    recognize tools used to exchange security events between devices



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