Storing & Sharing Articles in Pocket Web

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Pocket lets you save an article or web page to read offline at a later time. Explore Pocket, and discover how to create and manage an account; save, read, mark, tag, and share articles; and customize your Pocket web app settings.


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    use the Pocket browser extension
    read articles in Pocket
    organize articles in Pocket
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  • 4m 23s
    Before using Pocket you'll need to create an account with your Google account or your email address. See how to sign in and sign out, which is important if you're using a shared device. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 31s
    In order to use Pocket more effectively you'll have to become familiar with the interface. See how to get around and use the key features Pocket has to offer. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Saving an article in Pocket Web
    3m 36s
    Pocket enables you to save articles to come back to later. You can also save articles via the email address you use with Pocket. See how to save articles, videos as well as save recommended articles from friends. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Using the browser extension in Pocket Web
    3m 34s
    You can install a Pocket browser extension to make saving articles easier and faster. See how to install and save articles with the Pocket browser extension FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Reading an article in Pocket Web
    4m 23s
    When you open an article on Pocket it will open up into a reader view which can be customized to your preference. See how to open articles and videos as well as how to navigate Pocket's own reader view. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Marking an element in Pocket Web
    4m 11s
    You can organize your articles into categories such as favorites and archives. See how to mark and remove articles you longer want on your main list. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Tagging an element in Pocket Web
    4m 49s
    The articles and videos you save with Pocket can be organized into subcategories with tags. See how you can add, edit and remove tags from your articles. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Finding an element in Pocket Web
    2m 54s
    To find a particular article you can use the search bar found on your home interface. See how to search, filter and search tags with Pocket. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Sharing an article in Pocket Web
    4m 40s
    With Pocket you can share articles, videos and even excerpts from articles to your friends. See how to share and recommend content to others with ease. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Sharing & adding user recommendations in Pocket Web
    5m 52s
    When you recommend articles or video those elements will appear on your profile. See how to view, share and follow other users recommendations with Pocket. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Using Pocket Web recommendations
    3m 42s
    Pocket has a dedicated section for recommended content. See how to save, hide and share those recommendations with others on Pocket. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Configuring Pocket Web
    3m 42s
    You can customize your Pocket web app settings as well as change your notification settings. See how to change and configure your Pocket settings via the settings menu. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Managing your account in Pocket Web
    3m 41s
    If you want to add an email, change your password, you can manage your account via your profile page. See how to edit your account and privacy settings in Pocket. FREE ACCESS