Structuring & Saving Notes in Evernote 6.0

Evernote 6.0    |    Intermediate
  • 5 videos | 20m 12s
Make working with notes easier by taking advantage of Evernote's extensive features. Discover how to import and export notes, manage note edits, as well as sync and print notes.


  • Import notes to your evernote account
    Export your notes in the evernote format or as html
    Manage edits with evernote's automatic save function
  • Sync your evernote account across devices
    Print notes from your evernote account


  • 3m 3s
    With Evernote, you can import notes from other Evernote accounts or from Microsoft OneNote in order to be able to view all of your notes in one place. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 46s
    If you would like to share your notes with someone who does not have Evernote, you can export them. You can export in html and share them as webpages or you can export them in the Evernote file format. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Managing your note edits in Evernote 6.0
    3m 42s
    To save time, all of your changes are automatically saved in Evernote. You can use Undo and Redo to remove or reapply changes to your notes. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Syncing your notes in Evernote 6.0
    4m 52s
    When you sync your notes, every action you perform online, whether it's from the Evernote website, your phone, or your tablet, is applied to your desktop application. Once you sync across devices, you'll be able to consult your notes in every place you've installed Evernote. It's a good idea to regularly sync your account to ensure you're viewing the latest version of your notes. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Printing your notes in Evernote 6.0
    4m 50s
    If you want a hard copy of your notes, you can always print them out. You have the option to change the page setup, view your notes in print preview and select the note attributes you want to include. FREE ACCESS