Success Factors for Peak Performance

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What do astronauts, Olympic champions, and Nobel laureates do differently that allows them to achieve at such a high level? High achievers share similar attributes, including continual learning through informal means. The key to their success is that they integrate these success factors into every aspect of their professional lives. In this course, you'll learn about each of these success factors and how you can incorporate them into your own life, reach your own peak performance, and build the career you envision for yourself.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Explore how effective time management helps lead to success
    Identify the ways in which the pie model helps boost career success
    Recognize the use and importance of a professional passion audit
    Identify the benefits of creating a personal mentor team
    Identify the benefits of building and maintaining a professional network
  • Recognize steps for building solid professional networks
    Identify four important factors necessary for success
    Identify the key benefits provided by professional role models, mentors, coaches, and sponsors
    Recognize steps for reclaiming time
    Identify the questions necessary to answer in order to set achievable career goals


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    1.  Success Factors for Peak Performance
    2m 8s
    After completing this video, you will be able to discover the key success factors for professional and performance success. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Success Factor: Time Management
    2m 46s
    In this video, you will be able to identify the effective ways for Time Management. It is an important part of enhancement in the career success. The impact of effective time management is explained in this video. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Success Factor: The PIE Model
    2m 49s
    After completing this video, you able to identify performance, image and exposure as integral parts of developing a success full career. You will learn, about the PIE Model which always helps to boost your profession. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Success Factor: Passion Audit
    4m 34s
    The Passion Audit will help how you can discover your real career passion. In this video, you will be able to identify the list of your likes, dislikes, and your real work passions. You will be able to employ your passion, which will lead to career satisfaction as well. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Success Factor: Personal Mentor Team
    5m 35s
    The Personal Mentor Team, will help you to achieve your career goals. This video will help to learn, that team will help, advice and provide guidance to navigate their professional career. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Success Factor: Networking
    4m 54s
    In this video, you will discover how and why professional networks are crucial for career development and success. Contacts in profession and organization will always provide beneficial avenues. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Success Factor: Starting Networking Conversations
    4m 18s
    Networks are not conjured out of thin air, but must be built step-by-step. Networking is a process of building a solid and professional career. This video will help you to learn, that networks can be a rewarding and it will boost your performance. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Success Factor: Four Things to Know
    2m 59s
    After completing this video, you will be able to identify the successful mindset, through which you can help to identify your own mindset. The list includes Intrinsic motivation, Strong work ethics, Strong foundation, and Informed learning. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Success Factor: Role Models, Mentors, Coaches, and Sponsors
    This video will help you to reach your peak performance, with the help of the invaluable input get from professional role models, mentors, coaches, and sponsors. The insight, experience, advice, savvy, and instincts that come from professionals will boost your career. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Success Factor: Reclaiming Time to Achieve Your Goals
    5m 34s
    In this video you will learns about the steps that will reclaim your time to reach your goals. The steps to Reclaim your Time includes, make a list of everything, align the work correctly, select the work which is good for heart and soul. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Success Factor: Questions to Facilitate Goal-setting
    3m 26s
    In this video you will learn how to lays out the questions you must answer in order to set goals that are reasonable, achievable, and will take you where you want to go. FREE ACCESS


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